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Electric charging points will legally need to be installed in all new homes and offices from 2030

By Tom Gibson | September 10, 2021


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All new homes and offices in England from 2030 will have to be built with EV charging points included.

The measures are being brought in to address serious concerns around the lack of infrastructure which is preventing people from adopting electric technology.

It’s good news for the sector but people without private parking facilities will still be scratching their heads and wondering why they keep being forgotten about by those in power.

The news that the installation of electric charge points will be legally required is somewhat inevitable, given battery electric cars account for roughly 10% of new car sales in the UK and plug-in hybrids make up around 7%.

A further requirement will be the need for them to be smart chargers. This will help smooth power use through overnight charging and will avoid overloading the power grid. The move aims to drastically increase the rate at which charge points are being built so the Government can hit its 2030 target for banning sales of new petrol and diesel cars.

Yesterday ministers admitted only around 500 plug-in points are being installed every month – way below the 700 a day industry bodies say are needed.

For more information on how electric car charging works, visit our handy guide here.

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