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Every law change that is coming this July, from car park rules to speed limiters

By Jodie Chay Oneill | July 2, 2024


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Motorists should prepare for a series of changes in July, affecting car parks, mandatory speed limiters, and petrol regulations.

Every law change that is coming this July, from car park rules to speed limiters

Motorists should prepare for a series of significant changes in July, including new regulations for car parks, mandatory speed limiters, and new petrol laws.

Staying compliant with driving laws is a challenge, with frequent updates to the Highway Code, DVLA rules, MOT requirements, and insurance regulations. July 2024 introduces several notable changes that will affect most drivers.

Mandatory Speed Limiters

Starting July 6, a new EU law mandates that all cars and vans sold must have a speed limiter installed. These limiters will read road speed limits and automatically slow the vehicle if the limit is exceeded. While the limiter can be temporarily overridden by pressing the accelerator, it cannot be permanently disabled and will reactivate each time the car is driven. This law applies across Europe, including the UK. Vehicles manufactured before July 7 but sold after that date must have limiters retrofitted before being driven.

Car Parking Rules

The British Parking Association is updating the rules for private car parks. New regulations include a 10-minute grace period before issuing a ticket, a clear appeals process, and a £100 cap on fines.

Petrol Law Changes

A new law aims to monitor petrol prices in real-time. The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) will provide updates on the cheapest petrol prices every 30 minutes and will have increased powers to address inflated fuel prices, benefiting consumers by potentially lowering costs at the pump.

General Election

The General Election on July 4 could result in significant changes, with current polls indicating a likely Labour majority. If Labour wins, they plan to implement the new petrol law and work to reduce fuel prices, so delaying your next fill-up might be advantageous.

These updates highlight the importance of staying informed to avoid penalties and take advantage of new regulations.

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