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Exciting new electric cars for 2022

By Stephen Turvil | January 4, 2022


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Summary of the most enticing, enthralling, and quirky electric cars that launch in 2022.

Exciting new electric cars for 2022

Motor manufacturers plan to launch exciting, interesting, and quirky electric cars in 2022 throughout the United Kingdom. Such vehicles are becoming increasingly popular and are poised to take yet more market share from petrol, diesel, and hybrid powered cars.

Citroen Ami

The Citroen Ami is a left hand drive city car and a ‘daring response’ to the challenges posed by urban environments, the manufacturer said. Obvious immediately is the unique styling that ensures it stands out. From some angles it is not clear which is the front, for instance. In addition, the driver’s door opens backward whereas the passenger door opens forward. The Ami is capable of 28mph and its maximum range per charge is 43 miles. The 5.5kWh battery can be charged in three hours via a standard socket.

Genesis Electrified GV70

The 2022 Genesis Electrified GV70 is a luxurious sports-utility vehicle with standard all-wheel drive. Noise cancellation is among its luxury features. It analyses road noise via eight microphones and four sensors, then plays inverted wave sounds through the speakers to make the road noise less intrusive. The GV70 is powerful, too. Its two electric motors produce 482hp and propel it to 62mph in 4.5 seconds. The sporty styling complements such power.

Renault Megane E-Tech Electric

The Renault Megane E-Tech Electric is a medium size crossover vehicle that has a futuristic cabin. Key features include the large, colour, high resolution digital instrument cluster. It complements a second large screen in the centre of the dashboard that points towards the driver for an immersive feel. Google accounts, sat-nav, music, and countless other features can be controlled via the screens. The Megane has ‘one of the largest on-board digital spaces with a surface area of 774 cm2’, Renault said.

Tesla Model S Plaid

The Tesla Model S Plaid Saloon is one of the most powerful production cars in the world. Numbers tell its story. The three electric motors generate 1,020hp. It charges from 0 to 60mph in 1.99 seconds. The top speed is 200mph. It can also travel a long way between stops. The estimated maximum range is 396 miles per charge. As is typical of the brand, this luxury saloon also has a clean, simple, minimalist cabin that looks stylish. Most features are controlled via the large screen in the centre of the dashboard.

Honourable mentions

Many more electric cars launch in 2022. The Hyundai Ioniq 5 N is a further highlight. It is a high performance vehicle that has been spotted at Nurburgring. Moke International Limited has gone electric, too. Its Moke is inspired by the MINI Moke from the 1960s. The Toyota bZ4X is another highlight of the year. This sports-utility model is spacious, stylish, and has all-wheel drive.

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