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Experience the Luxurious Award Winning Volvo XC Hybrid range

By Phil Gardner | July 16, 2019


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Get to grips with the XC60 an XC90 in their hybrid form

Experience the Luxurious Award Winning Volvo XC Hybrid range

Technology moves on fast and Volvo has struck a chord with their ‘T8’ and ‘T5’ Hybrid models which offer the fuel economy, efficiency and sustainability that you would expect from a hybrid model, while also offering blistering performance. Like, properly excellent performance. Remember, these are all SUV’s - so just bear that in mind when you take in the facts and figures as we run you through Volvo’s hybrid ‘XC’ range.

The XC40

Understanding the Award Winning Volvo XC Hybrids Image 0

Introducing the ‘baby’ SUV in the lineup. Competing alongside the BMW X3, Audi Q3 and Mercedes GLC, this small 4x4 already offers a very sophisticated and characterful experience in a compact package, but when combined with the T5 hybrid engine, the XC40 becomes a car that is very difficult to criticise.

The hybrid XC40 is priced from £30,815 and available exclusively in the sporty R-Design specification which includes big 18” alloys, leather upholstery, lane-keeping technology, the sports chassis, and a massive 12-inch display. Of course, the star of the show is the engine. This unit creates a solid 182 horsepower alone, but when combined with the electric motor, the total output increases a further 82 horsepower. This means the 0-60 mph sprint takes just 6.3 seconds. 

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The XC60

Experience the Award Winning Volvo XC Hybrid range Image 1

Next up is the XC60 T8 Hybrid twin-engine. This model boasts the formidable engine that has got a lot of people reconsidering what they think of when someone says the word ‘hybrid.’ It’s a 4 cylinder engine, mated to an electric engine which is good enough for a claimed 122.8 mpg on the combined cycle when driven correctly. Company car owners will be appreciative of the tax-forgiving emissions of just 52g/km of CO2, but really, it’s the performance that will attract most buyers. While the XC60 T8 might look pretty unsuspecting, there is 407 horsepower underneath that bonnet just waiting to be released onto the tarmac. It takes just 4.9 seconds to get from 0-60 mph and you’ll do so in complete luxury and serenity. If you hadn’t been told, the current Volvo models are some of the most comfortable and ergonomic cars on the market as well as being ultra-safe. The XC60 is an ‘all-rounder’ and we guarantee you’ll adore it.

The new XC60 T8 Twin hybrid is on sale now and prices start from £55,005. 

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The XC90

Experience the Award Winning Volvo XC Hybrid range Image 2

And finally, the flagship of the Volvo range, the colossal XC90 SUV. This rivals the likes of the Audi Q7, full-fat Range Rover and BMW X7 but it offers a really unique package that the typical premium big 4x4s don’t really provide. The headline figure has got to be the ‘108.6 mpg’ which is frankly ridiculous for a car of this size carrying so much weight. The Twin-engine model has a total output of 390 horsepower which means this ultra-luxurious motorway-muncher will get from 0-60 mph in just 5.8 seconds, but the XC90 really shines when you want to take it easy. The engine and gearbox are incredibly smooth and thanks to the impeccable suspension, the interior is beautifully refined, which really amplifies the luxury of the car.

Naturally, this is the most expensive of all of the Volvo hybrids. Prices for the T8 model start from £66,645 but this is for the R Design model so for that price you get an extremely well-equipped model and you shouldn't need to dive too far into the optional extras list.

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