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Explore The Volkswagen SUV Range

By Phil Gardner | January 22, 2019


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Coming soon the brand new T-Cross and find out which VW SUV suits you.

Explore The Volkswagen SUV Range

Volkswagen has just announced the details surrounding their newest crossover/ SUV, the T-Cross. It slides into the lineup as the fifth and most compact SUV offering with a VW badge on it. Today we’re having a brief look at the lineup, the prices and what each one does best. We’ll start from the T-Roc, work our way to the Touareg, and finish with the brand new T-Cross which has just been announced and goes on sale in a few months.


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The T-Roc has got to be the easiest car Volkswagen have ever had to sell. It’s like a Golf but taller, and every man and his dog wants a taller car these days. The T-Roc will appeal to Golf buyers who want a car that is easier to get in and out of and also has better outward visibility. The interior is like for like with the Golf, which is a good thing. It’s super practical and easy to use, with all controls being ergonomic and functional. Compared to other SUVs of this size, the T-Roc might be slightly more expensive than the Japanese alternatives but it is more mature and considerably more refined. Starting prices of the new T-Roc are from £19,270


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The second generation Tiguan has been on sale a short while and it has continued the roaring success of the first generation. The Tiguan is an incredibly popular car, interestingly it has outsold 67 years worth of Land Rover Defenders after just 8 years of production. The success is largely down to the flexibility of the Tiguan. It’s an unassuming family vehicle which is super practical and is available with a huge range of trim levels and engine options. There’ll almost definitely be a Tiguan that ticks your boxes. The 2.0 TDi will be excellent if you find yourself spending a lot of time on the motorways, thanks to the claimed efficiency of 61mpg. Then there is a 1.4 TSi petrol engine which is better suited for pootling around town, and this is also the most affordable engine in the lineup and still returns a solid 47 mpg, which isn’t bad for a car this size. The second generation Tiguan is on sale right now and prices start from £23,990.

Tiguan Allspace

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The Tiguan Allspace is as good as mechanically identical to the top-selling Tiguan, but as the name suggest, it has more space. The wheelbase has been extended by 215mm, and with that extra length, they’ve managed to fit in the 3rd row of seats. The Tiguan Allspace is the 7 seat version of the 5-seater Tiguan and to justify the increased price tag the spec levels have been tweaked a little. The Allspace is actually only available in 3 different levels of trim and they’re all really well equipped. Buyers won’t find themselves adding on thousands upon thousands on the options list. We’d recommend the 2.0 TDi engine which balances running costs most reasonably with performance. It’s not quick but its frugal and will return around 56mpg. The Tiguan Allspace is on sale now and prices start from £30,295.


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The Touareg is the daddy of the VW SUV list and it comes with some exquisite reviews. It’s built on the ‘MLB’ platform, which is basically the architecture used beneath the Audi Q7, Bentley Bentayga, Porsche Cayenne and, believe it or not, the Lamborghini Urus! It’s a frighteningly well-drilled structure which offers supreme levels of strength and comfort no matter what outfit it is wearing. The Touareg is also big enough to offer huge amounts of boot space, 810 litres in fact, which is big enough for most things you’ll ever reasonably want to put in a car. Inside the cabin, the headline feature is the new central screen which can be controlled by touch, gesture or voice. It’s high-resolution screen and it’s a whopping 15 inches in width. The Touareg is on sale now and prices start from £49,095.


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And last but certainly not least is the brand new Volkswagen T-Cross. This model was only launched on the 25th of October, so you won’t have seen a single one on the roads just yet but this T-Cross is built to rival the likes of the Nissan Juke and the Renault Captur and it sits on the same setup as the SEAT Arona. Volkswagen will admit that they are late to the compact-SUV party but that shouldn’t make a difference as customers will know they’re getting a quality product every time they choose VW. The T-Cross isn’t just a Polo on stilts though, and VW insists it offers a lot more than a Polo. The T-Cross is ever so slightly longer in length and it has a sliding rear row of seats, which means you can increase the boot size from 385 litres to a massive 455 litres, then up to 1,281 litres when you fold the rear seat down. Inside there is a lovely 3D effect dashboard that really sets the tone for the T-Cross which isn’t just any other compact SUV. The T-Cross will go on sale very soon and we can currently expect the prices to start from around the £17,000 mark but nothing is set in stone yet.

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