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Fate of Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner set to be announced

By Tom Gibson | February 27, 2024


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The Red Bull boss has been under investigation after a female employee complained about his behaviour

Fate of Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner set to be announced

The F1 season gets underway in Bahrain this weekend but whether Red Bull boss, Christian Horner, will be there remains to be seen.

Reports from F1 sources have surfaced today that say the report into Horner’s alleged wrongdoing has been filed by an independent investigator and now sits with the Red Bull GmbH board who will decide his fate.

De Telegraaf, a major Dutch newspaper, has reported that Horner has been accused of sexual misconduct having sent the victim numerous inappropriate messages over a considerable length of time.

Horner, who is married to former Spice Girl Gerri Halliwell, also allegedly tried to pay the victim £650,000 to keep quiet.

The Red Bull boss has been on of the most successful Team Principals in the sport’s history and has worked in tandem with design-supremo Adrian Newey, to deliver six Constructor Championships and seven Driver Championships since 2010.

F1’s owners, Liberty Media, as well as the other F1 teams are all said to have pushed for a quick resolution so the issue doesn’t over shadow the start of the season.

It’s believed Ford, who is set to partner with Red Bull from 2026, have also put pressure on the drinks brand to finalise its investigation. Ford’s owner, Jim Farley, has already sent a letter to the F1 team to express his frustration at the lack of transparency and the time taken to draw it to a close.

In the letter, Farley said: “As we have indicated previously, without satisfactory response, Ford’s values are non-negotiable. It is imperative that our racing partners share and demonstrate a genuine commitment to those same values. My team and I are available at any time to discuss this matter. We remain insistent on, and hopeful, for a resolution we can all stand behind.”

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