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Ferrari launches mesmerizing Daytona SP3

By Tom Gibson | November 21, 2021


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Ferrari has added yet another jaw-dropping supercar to its lineup with the Daytona SP3

Ferrari launches mesmerizing Daytona SP3


If you ask any petrol head to name their favourite supercars of all time, it’s likely they’ll mention the Lamborghini Muira, the Ferraro F40, McLaren F1, the 1985 Countach or even the Jag XJ220.

We may just be about to add another model to the top table of truly iconic sports cars.

Ferrari has just released details of what looks to be a very special Daytona SP3.

At first glance, it looks to be a true work of art. Straight lines seemingly meet curves everywhere in what should be a recipe for disaster, but it really isn’t.

The elegant and precise front end flows seamlessly into what can only be described as a huge rear packed full power bursting from its V12 engine.

The Prancing Horse comes with butterfly doors, slimline LED headlights that retract in a similar style to pop-up headlamps of yesteryear and the door mirrors have been repositioned to the top of the wings in a clear nod to endurance racers of the past.

The car has taken on board plenty from the F1 side of things, too. The seats are integrated into the chassis to reduce weight and optimise the feel while the chassis itself is made from carbon fibre composites, including T800 carbon fibre for the tub and T1000 for the doors and sills.

Ferrari will make 599 of the Daytona SP3 and each will cost upwards of 2 million euros. Unsurprisingly, neither me nor you will be able to get our hands on one of these for, obvious reasons aside, they’ve already been sold on pre-orders.

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