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First-look at the new KIA EV5

By Tom Gibson | September 12, 2023


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We take a look at the eye-catching new KIA EV5 with details on price, release date and more

First-look at the new KIA EV5

KIA is one of the most exciting brands around at the minute and the popularity of its cars is only increasing here in the UK. Its seven-year warranty and the rollout of several eye-catching models have been behind this rise and new images have just been released to give a first-look on the EV5.

What do we know?

This electric SUV is like the little sibling to the Kia EV9, and it's hitting the streets of China later this year. Therefore it’s likely we’ll get more details on a UK release date later this year and we’d predict the model would be here in around 12 months.

The Look


The EV5 is, unsurprisingly, a smaller version of the EV9 but there are some notable differences.

The headlights are triangular instead of square on its bigger brother and the light bar across the bonnet is sleeker.

From the side it's like a mini EV9, but the rear doors open normally as opposed to backwards like on the concept. And don't miss those flush-fitting door handles.

Inside Story


Now, the concept version of the EV5 had a futuristic interior, but they dialed it back a bit for the real deal. It's pretty much like the EV9 inside, with a dual-screen setup on the dash and a familiar-looking steering wheel.

Since it's smaller, you're looking at five seats instead of seven but those rear seats do fold away for extra storage space. There’s a handy adjustable shelf in the boot to keep things organised, too.

Power and Batteries


We don't have all the juicy details on this yet but word is that it's packing a single motor and rear-wheel drive in China. That means it might borrow the 201hp motor from the EV9. Exciting stuff!

As for the batteries, don't expect the massive 100kWh pack from the EV9 but it could get the 77kWh battery from the EV6, which should give you a decent 330 miles of range. Not too shabby!

When and How Much?


Mark your calendars for October because that's when we'll get all the juicy details about the Kia EV5. It'll hit the Chinese market around the same time.

If it does come to Europe we think it will be around this time next year.

How much will it cost? We think around £45,000 - £50,000 although exact details are TBC.

So there you have it, the Kia EV5 in a nutshell. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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