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Ford Motorcraft Service for just RRP £149

By Ben Orford | August 15, 2018


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Enjoy servicing and MOT benefits from Ford Motorcraft Service

Ford Motorcraft Service for just RRP £149
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Quality Ford Service at an attractive price

The Ford Motorcraft Service is specifically designed to take care of older vehicles’ essential service and maintenance needs at reasonable prices, whilst still offering the reassurance of Ford trained technicians using high-quality Ford Motorcraft parts. The Ford Motorcraft Service provides a simple and affordable service option for older Ford vehicle customers.

Features and Benefits of Ford Motorcraft Service

The Ford Motorcraft service was developed by replacing the previous Minor and Major Motorcraft service to provide a single service offer at RRP £149.

Ford technicians are manufacturer specialists with access to the latest Ford specific tools and diagnostic equipment, and a comprehensive understanding of your Ford vehicle requirements. 

Oil and filter changeNew engine oil more effectively lubricates cools, cleans and minimises engine wear.
Antifreeze check and top-upEnsures your vehicle has enough antifreeze to cool its engine effectively, and that the antifreeze is in good condition.
Brake fluid check and top-upEnsures that the brake system incorporates enough fluid to operate at its best, and that the fluid is in good condition.
Windscreen washer check and top-upEnsures there is enough fluid to clean the windscreen and rear window to improve visibility.
Check and adjust tyre pressuresOptimizes the handling, the ride and minimises the risk of uneven wear.
Battery CheckConfirms whether the battery has enough power to consistently start the engine. 
Visual alignment checkConfirms whether the wheels are positioned correctly so the car cruises in a straight line, rather than pulling to the left/right.
Brake check (wheels off)Reveals whether the brake discs and pads require replacement.
Check and advise on transmission oil levelConfirms whether the transmission oil requires replacement, or top-up.
Pollen or air filter change (single choice included in price)A new pollen filter more effectively cleans air that enters your cabin. The air filter cleans air, which enters the engine.
Wash and vacEnsures your vehicle looks its best.
Reset service lightEnsures that you are notified when the next service is required.
Updated digital service record (DSR)Ensures that there is proof your vehicle has been maintained.




The 30-point FORD eCHECK is included within a service giving technicians the opportunity to inspect and grade a wide range of components via a traffic light system. This provides an overview of the vehicle's condition and confirms what work is needed (if any). The traffic light system is:

  • Red: A fault that has to be required immediately on safety grounds.
  • Amber: A fault that has to be repaired but could – although not necessarily should – be left for a while,
  • Green: No fault.

Ford Motorcraft Offers

Currently, if you combine your MOT with a Service then prices start from just RRP £179. This saving is automatically applied to your online quote when booking. 

Visit the Ford Motorcraft website for more details 

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