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Ford Winter Car Checks from Just £40

By Phil Gardner | December 1, 2020


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Ford want to keep your car performing at its best this Winter with a Winter Car Check...

Ford Winter Car Checks from Just £40

As the winter quickly consumes us, there has never been a more important time to keep on top of your vehicle maintenance. As conditions worsen, so too will the state of our roads and naturally, the state of our cars - that’s why Ford is offering their new Winter Check as part of their after-sales experience…

What’ is the Winter check?

The Winter Check is a 30 point vehicle health check conducted by a Ford-trained technician at your local ford dealership. This will involve getting the vehicle up on the ramp and checking for any issues with the mechanics of your car and ensuring it is fit and proper. This 30 point check will be videoed and sent to you so you can see exactly what the technician sees.

Also included is a tyre safety check. Throughout Winter there is inevitably going to be icy or snowy conditions which, combined with the unwelcomed presence of potholes, poses a real risk to your tyres. As part of the tyre safety check, a technician will inspect all 4tyres on your vehicle, looking for any lumps or bumps which could pose danger further down the line, while also ensuring your tyres are of a legal tread depth.

Lastly, Ford will also complete and Essential Fluids check and top-up. This involves inspecting engine oil, screenwash, anti-freeze and so on to make sure that your vehicle has the fluids on board to continue to deliver reliable performance. The last thing you want is to have a breakdown because of something preventable in the middle of winter.

This Ford Winter Check is available for just £40 and you can actually save £20 when booking online using the code WINTER20 when booking here:

As you would expect, all work carried out will be done so in a COVID compliant manner and Ford is able to arrange the collection of your vehicle, the delivery of a courtesy car and the delivery of your inspected and disinfected car in a COVID secure manner. To get a Winter Car Check booked in at your local Ford dealership, simply click the link below to arrange an appointment online. Why not give your car the best chance possible as we enter the winter months?

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