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Ford's Upcoming Mustang Inspired All-Electric SUV

By Phil Huff | October 30, 2019


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The SUV is part of Ford’s electrification plan delivering spirit, power & exhilaration inspired by Mustang

Ford's Upcoming Mustang Inspired All-Electric SUV
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Ford is going all-in with electric motoring, even daring to attach the famous Mustang name to its project. Its plan is to release as many as 15 electrified cars onto the European market over the next three years, and it will be revealing the next step on that journey in November.

The new concept will be an all-electric SUV that combines an extended range with the sporting prowess and iconic design of the Ford Mustang. Unusually, Ford is promising you’ll be able to buy this car, with deliveries happening as soon as next year.

Ford's Upcoming Mustang Inspired All-Electric SUV Image 2

While the exact details of the car remain under wraps, and there has been an unusually low number of leaks, we do know something about what’s coming.

Powered by two electric motors, the Mustang-inspired SUV will have a range of more than 370 miles, all but matching the range of the Tesla Model S Long Range. Performance is expected to be rather potent with sportscar-rivalling sprint times, but a full range of energy-efficient technologies will ensure range is maximised under normal use.

And it’s a car that you’ll be able to use. Catching the SUV out testing, it’s a sizeable beast that looks to be roughly the same size as the outgoing Ford Edge SUV. However, the electric model is likely to have a body that’s sleeker and lower than the Edge, with some aerodynamic touches to help it cut through the air.

Ford's Upcoming Mustang Inspired All-Electric SUV Image 3

Rumours of the SUV using the Mach-E name refuse to go away, harking back to the classic Mustang Mach 1 from 1969. The Mustang was always pitched as an affordable sports car, raising hopes that prices might be more reasonable than its performance rivals.

To ensure ease of use for customers, Ford will also offer an electric wall box for easy overnight charging. The car will also accept rapid charging when out on the road and will be useable by as many as 100,000 charge pints across Europe.

Ford's Upcoming Mustang Inspired All-Electric SUV Image 4

It’s all part of an $11 billion push into electric motoring, of which this new model will be the flagship. Alongside there’ll be an F-150 pickup truck for the American market, 15 models for Europe, and a total of 40 models across the globe.

Manufacturing is being shared, with American EV startup Rivian providing some of the technology in return for a $500 million investment. Ford has also entered into a partnership with Volkswagen, with a plan to build at least one more modest electric model using VW’s modular EV platform.

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