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Get 2 Services for Only £99 via Peugeot Summer Drive

By Stephen Turvil | September 5, 2018


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Peugeot 108, 208 and 308 overview as the manufacturer slashes the cost of servicing Via Peugeot Summer Drive

Get 2 Services for Only £99 via Peugeot Summer Drive

Peugeot low cost servicing

The Peugeot Summer Drive makes it easy, cost effective, and convenient to maintain your car as you can prearrange its first 2 services for only £99 throughout September 2018. That is a significant saving and a wise investment. Servicing, after all, ensures your car continues to operate at peak performance and reduces depreciation. “What is not to like”, the manufacturer asks?

Peugeot 108

Get 2 Services for Only £99 via Peugeot Summer Drive Image 0

The Peugeot 108 is a compact, city class, vehicle and among the prospects. The key strength of this stylish, easy to park, workhorse is that it has extremely low running costs. Rather, therefore, than spend a fortune on fuel use your cash to explore your favoured city. Discover its theatres, clubs and shops perhaps.

The 108 therefore averages up to 68.9mpg. Furthermore, it can be taxed from only £125 in the first year as emissions start at 93g/km. Further traits that ensure it excels in the city include the vibrant, youthful, look and the option of a retractable fabric roof that helps you stand out. The summary characteristics include:

  • Body style: 3 door hatchback, 5 door hatchback, cabriolet 
  • Petrol: 1.0-litre 72hp petrol 
  • Diesel: N/A 
  • Gearboxes: 5 speed manual, 5-speed automatic 
  • Trims: Access, Active, Allure, Collection 
  • Price: £9,225 to £14,520 

Peugeot 208

Get 2 Services for Only £99 via Peugeot Summer Drive Image 3

The Peugeot 208 is a larger, supermini class, model that is also most at home in the city. Its key strength is the dazzling technology that helps you manoeuvre in tight spots with total confidence. What better way to make the right impression on any family, friends, and colleagues lucky enough to be offered a lift?

Note the park assist system, for example. It automatically steers into parallel parking bays while you operate the throttle, transmission and brakes. The rear camera, front and rear parking sensors and excellent visibility help too. The 208 is also spacious, comfortable and fun to drive. The summary traits include:

  • Body style: 3 door hatchback, 5 door hatchback 
  • Petrol: 1.2-litre 83hp, 1.2-litre 110hp 
  • Diesel: 1.5-litre 102hp 
  • Gearboxes: 5 speed manual, 6 speed manual, 6-speed automatic 
  • Trims: Active, Signature, Tech Edition, GT Line 
  • Price: £14,315 to £18,065 

Peugeot 308

Get 2 Services for Only £99 via Peugeot Summer Drive Image 2

The Peugeot 308 is a family class hatchback. Its key strength is that it is a practical, sensible, car that is also fun to drive. Note its i-cockpit, for starters. It incorporates a compact steering wheel, heads-up instrument panel and the 9.7” touchscreen that together “put you in control” and guarantee a “greater connection to the road”, the motor manufacturer suggested.

Family friendly features include the big boot. Cargo capacity is 470-litres rising to 1,309-litres with the rear seats folded flat. The 308 also has reassuring safety features to protect loved ones such as automatic emergency braking plus a stylish, modern, look that is guaranteed to impress. The summary characteristics include:

  • Body style: 5 door hatchback
  • Petrol: 1.2-litre 110hp, 1.2-litre 131hp, 1.6-litre 224hp, 1.6-litre 272hp 
  • Diesel: 1.5-litre 101hp, 1.5-litre 130hp, 1.5-litre 131hp, 2.0-litre 177hp 
  • Gearboxes: 6 speed manual, 8-speed automatic 
  • Trims: Active, Allure, Tech Edition, GT Line, GT, GTI 
  • Price: £19,180 to £29,050 

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