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How to Buy a Quality Used Ford the Smart Way

By Stephen Turvil | August 8, 2018


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How Ford helps you find the perfect used vehicle then prepares it, guarantees it, and even lets you change your mind

How to Buy a Quality Used Ford the Smart Way
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Ford Direct and Ford Approved

Ford Direct and Ford Approved make it safe, convenient, and fast to buy a used car that suits your lifestyle. Consider the online search tool, for example. It enables you to explore the manufacturer’s stock – either close to home or nationally – for a car that has your favoured range of features. Search terms include:

  • Model
  • Fuel
  • Transmission
  • Colour
  • Body style
  • Age
  • Mileage
  • Price

Both Ford Direct and Ford Approved vehicles can be found via the search tool. The former includes nearly new stock that has low mileage. Very little wear and tear, in other words. The latter category also includes vehicles that are older and more affordable.

Ford Direct benefits

Ford recognises that your vehicle is a considered, important, purchase so strives to meet your expectations pre-sale, around the time of collection and years into the future. Pre-sale you expect it to be prepared to the highest standard, for instance. Therefore:

  • Ford's Exacting Standards Philosophy guarantees that your vehicle is inspected thoroughly and any problems are rectified
  • RAC Inspection and Approval ensures your car passes an independent, third party, assessment for further peace of mind
  • The HPI and National Mileage Register Check prove your vehicle has not been stolen, written off or clocked (mileage reduced)
  • The Ford Direct Hologram is a tamper-resistant windscreen sticker that confirms your vehicle is to standard and qualifies for the manufacturer’s range of post-sale benefits

In addition, around the time of collection, you expect the manufacturer to help with paperwork and cooperate if – with hindsight -  you prefer a vehicle that is (say) smaller. Therefore:

  • The Exchange Plan lets you swap your car for an alternative of at least the same value within thirty days/one thousand miles
  • Seven Day Drive Away Insurance puts onus on the supplier to insure your car – fully comprehensively - for the first week

Following the sale, you expect the manufacturer to resolve any problems that arise with your vehicle for years to come. Therefore:

  • The Two Year, Unlimited Mileage, Warranty ensures that your vehicle is repaired for free by a brand specialist if it develops an issue caused by a material or manufacturing defect
  • The European, Two Year, Assistance ensures that help is at hand on the roadside and at home if (say) you have a puncture

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Ford Approved benefits

A Ford Approved vehicle also comes with a range of benefits. Highlights include:

  • Manufacturer Warranty (balance of)
  • European One Year Ford Assistance
  • Thirty Day Exchange Plan
  • Seventy Five Point Inspection
  • Seven Day Drive Away Insurance
  • HPI and National Mileage Register Check
  • Full Service History 

Ford overview

Ford is the best selling manufacturer in The United Kingdom and offers you a vast choice of car. The Fiesta, for example. This supermini class hatchback has sharp handling, feisty looks and low running costs. The Mondeo, in contrast, is a family vehicle that has a cavernous boot and the Mustang is a thrilling, high performance, coupé and convertible. Additional options include the: 

  • Ka (city class)
  • Ka+ (city class)
  • Focus (small family)
  • B-MAX (small multi-activity)
  • C-MAX (medium multi-activity)
  • S-MAX (large multi-activity)
  • Galaxy (large multi-activity)
  • EcoSport (small sports utility)
  • Kuga (medium sports utility)
  • Edge (large sports utility)

Search Used Ford cars

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