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How To Increase Your Electric Car’s Range: Simple Tips

By Stephen Turvil | January 19, 2021


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Quick, easy tips that might increase your electric car’s range per-charge.

How To Increase Your Electric Car’s Range: Simple Tips

Want to increase your electric car’s range per-charge? Want to eradicate range anxiety? If so, the following tips might point you in the right direction and help you get the best from your vehicle. 

Driving style

Driving style influences how far your electric car travels per-charge. For starters, try to maintain momentum rather than constantly speeding up and slowing down. This is easier if you anticipate what is likely to happen ahead rather than react in the moment. And, of course, avoid harsh acceleration that takes a lot of power from your battery. Aim for a smooth, steady driving style. 

Efficient modes

Your car likely has various modes that maximise its range. There might be a mode to limit engine power, for example. Furthermore, regenerative braking might charge the battery as you lift off the throttle. There might also be the option to increase the rate of charge. Naturally, check your particular car’s manual to learn how to use such modes (and in which scenarios they are most effective).

Mechanical and aerodynamic efficiency

Ensure the car is optimised for efficiency. Check the tyre pressures, for example. Why? Because if the tyres are under inflated there is too much rolling resistance. More power is therefore required to turn the wheels. Furthermore, improve aerodynamic efficiency by closing the windows and sunroof. Also remove any unnecessary roof box, roof rack, and/or bicycle carrier.

Mains power

Imagine it is a cold day in winter. The vehicle’s windows are therefore covered with condensation, the cabin is freezing cold, and the seats feel like a block of ice. You therefore switch on your demister, heater, and the seat warmers – all of which take power from the battery. So, if practical, leave the vehicle on charge as it warms up. You can then leave home with a full battery.

Switch off

Your electric vehicle might have climate control, satellite navigation, and many other gadgets. Each one takes power. So, turn such systems on/off as needed rather than leave them on by default.

Route planning

Your vehicle might have sat-nav that suggests the most power efficient route. If so, note its recommendation. The sat-nav might conclude it is better to avoid a particular fast road, for starters. It might also reveal where you can find a public charger.

Care for the battery

As the car ages, its battery becomes less capable of holding charge. Your range per-charge therefore falls. Whereas this is inevitable, follow any manufacturer recommendations that extend the battery’s life. Perhaps it is best to typically only charge to 80%.

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