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How to save money on fuel as prices hit record highs

By Stephen Turvil | March 14, 2022


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Tips to save money on fuel as prices soar to historic new highs throughout the United Kingdom.

How to save money on fuel as prices hit record highs

Fuel prices reached record highs in March 2022 in the United Kingdom, RAC Fuel Watch revealed. Toward the middle of the month, the average cost of unleaded rose to 161.06 pence per litre. Drivers then paid £88.58 to fill a typical 55 litre tank. Diesel rose to 170.09 pence a litre which equated to £93.55 for 55 litres.

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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine contributed to the prices. As the aggressor exports oil to many countries, there was widespread concern that global supply might be impeded. The cost of any product increases when supply is low relative to demand. Fortunately, you can save money on fuel by maintaining your vehicle, optimising any internal settings, and driving efficiently.

Tyre pressure

To save money on fuel ensure that your car’s tyres are at the correct pressures. Confirm what the pressures should be via a sticker on the vehicle itself, the owner’s manual, or the internet. 

Eco mode

Turn on eco driving mode to make the car run as efficiently as possible. It might optimise the behaviour of the throttle, automatic transmission, climate control, and various other systems. 


Maintain your vehicle to a high standard to optimise fuel efficiency. Engine faults, sticky brakes, broken sensors, and countless other faults can lead to further expenditure at the pump.

Aerodynamic efficiency

Ensure that the vehicle is as aerodynamic as practical to save money on fuel. The key is to remove any unnecessary items that increase drag. Examples include a roof rack, roof box, and rear bicycle carrier. Driving with the windows open increases drag, too.

Driving style

An efficient driving style can save a lot of fuel. Simply accelerate gently, cruise at a modest pace, and keep the engine revolutions low. It is also important to maintain momentum rather than accelerate and decelerate unnecessarily. To do so, anticipate what is likely to happen far ahead rather than react in the moment. 

Air conditioning

Use air conditioning sparingly as it can burn through a lot of fuel. The key on a hot day is to cool the car down before your journey starts, while it is still parked. Simply open your windows.

Shop around

Shop around for the best price when you buy fuel. Even a small saving per litre can equate to a significant sum over time and mileage. Fuel is typically most expensive at motorway service stations. Supermarket fuel is often cheaper than the bigger brands. 

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