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Hyundai Ioniq 6 Preview

By Tim Barnes-Clay | August 8, 2022


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A sneak preview of the new Ioniq 6

Hyundai Ioniq 6 Preview

Hyundai launched the all-electric Ioniq 5 not so long ago, promising to take on the future. It worked a treat. Now the automaker’s hoping to do the same with the Ioniq 6.

If you remember Hyundai’s first attempt at an electric car, you will probably know that the Ioniq (which was launched without a number designation) was quite forgettable.

It was unveiled as a self-charging hybrid, plug-in hybrid and all-electric variant, but the actual car beneath the bonnet wasn't especially great.

Expectations were low after that, so the automotive world let out a large groan when Hyundai announced the Ioniq 5.

That moan soon turned into open-mouthed amazement.

The Ioniq 5 was superb, applying dizzying futuristic looks with exceptionally long range, fantastic drivability, and ultra-fast charging speeds.

It is hoped that the magic has transferred into the Ioniq 6, which, unlike its sibling, is a swept-back coupe-shaped four-door saloon measuring 4,855mm long.

Hyundai calls it an “Electrified Streamliner”. It is a reference to the car's aerodynamic coefficient of just 0.21, which is only fractionally behind the Mercedes-Benz EQS's 0.209. This figure makes the Benz the most aerodynamically efficient production car on the planet.

The shape of the Ioniq 6, from its flat front lip, the low front end and the stick-out rear wing, is aimed to smooth out the airflow over the vehicle.

However, you’ll need to buy optional extras to achieve the aerodynamic sweet spot. Why? Well, the thin, digital door mirrors are a part of it and won’t be offered as standard.

Recycled and sustainable materials dominate, too, with paint made from vegetable oils and a bio-friendly interior. Vegans will be disappointed at the inclusion of leather, but it’s been sourced in an environmentally friendly way.

Details are still a bit sketchy in terms of trims and equipment levels. But the similarities to the Ioniq 5 hint that some of its features, like a powered tailgate, rear-view camera, parking sensors and a head-up display, will be available on the Ioniq 6.

The Korean machine will come with 18 or 20-inch alloys depending on trim, pixel LED lights, 64 interior hues and various dual-colour lighting combinations with calming names, such as ‘healing forest’ and ‘meditation’. Plus, there’ll be a choice of 12 exterior shades and four interior upholstery colours.

Two 12-inch screens for the digital instrument cluster and infotainment touchscreen sit together in a single panel. The infotainment screen features Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, plus navigation, which will consider the remaining range of the batteries when planning routes and add charging stops along the way.

We also know there will be single-motor rear-wheel drive and dual-motor four-wheel drive variants. Plus, there’ll be two battery sizes of 53kWh and 77.4kWh, the latter of which has a claimed range of 379 miles - further than a Tesla Model 3 Long-Range.

Power outputs for the single-motor version aren’t yet known. However, the Ioniq 5 offers three variants of 170, 228 and 325PS. Moreover, the top-of-the-range dual-motor Ioniq 6 will match the latter figure, which will outgun another of its rivals, the equivalent BMW i4, from 0-60mph (the Ioniq 6 will do it in 5.1-seconds, compared with the Bimmer’s 5.7).

Charging speeds of up to 350kW are possible, which is among the quickest on the market. That means a 10-80 per cent charge takes less than 20 minutes. However, few charging stations in the United Kingdom are capable of such speeds for now.

The Ioniq 6 also includes vehicle-to-load, which means you can power virtually anything from the car’s battery, which is handy if you have a power cut at home.

The model isn't available for testing yet, so we can't tell you how well the Ioniq 6 will handle. However, we know you can adjust the accelerator's ferocity, steering weight and power output through the infotainment touchscreen and save your preferences.

The interior looks virtually identical to the Ioniq 5’s but then why change the ingredients of a superb recipe: minimalistic, futuristic, and stunning to look at.

The seats are likely to be the same make-up as in the Ioniq 5, meaning they’re 30 per cent thinner than you’d typically expect, maximising the available legroom, which wasn't poor to begin with, thanks to the Ioniq 6's length.

Relaxation Comfort seats will also be offered on the options list for those who want even more contentment.

In addition, Hyundai promises a spaceship-inspired sound as the synthetic engine note. Of course, not everyone likes this sort of thing, but, fortunately, it can be turned off if it's too out-of-this-world for your tastes.

The Ioniq 6 hasn’t been safety tested yet. Still, Hyundai generally produces very safe cars. In line with its futuristic theme, the Ioniq 6 comprises systems designed to prevent collisions and plenty of semi-autonomous technology.

Smart cruise control is included, along with highway driving assist to keep the car in lane and away from other vehicles on motorways, while smart systems can even mimic your driving style.

Collision avoidance systems and blind spot monitoring also feature, along with remote smart parking.

Hyundai hasn't revealed prices yet, but expect to fork out anywhere between £40,000 and £50,000.

The 6 will be available to order in the UK later this year, with the first models set to hit British roads at the end of 2022 or early 2023.

If Hyundai's Ioniq 5 is anything to go by, the Ioniq 6 will undoubtedly be one to watch.

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