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Hyundai launches biggest ever EV recall

By Tom Gibson | February 25, 2021


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South Korean carmaker left to field eye-watering bill as a result of a battery fault

Hyundai launches biggest ever EV recall

A whopping 82,000 electric batteries will be replaced by Hyundai in a worldwide recall as a result of a fire risk. 

Kona models built between 2018 and 2020 are most heavily affected, tens of thousands of which have been sold in the UK.

The recall is expected to cost the South Korean carmaker well over £600m and is another example of a 'teething problem', if we can still call it that, that EV's just can't seem to shake. 

An interim investigation, held by South Korean authorities, found battery fires in the Kona may have been caused by defects in cells made by LG Energy Solution - something this company unsurprisingly refutes.

Reports from various media titles seem to suggest that an initial fix to this problem, which first came to light early in 2020, came months ago after the Kona's battery-management system was upgraded. But in January, one of the vehicles upgraded caught fire in South Korea despite having 'the fix'. 

Hyundai is therefore now replacing the entire battery in Kona cars, lonig cars, and Elec City buses. 

You may have seen in last Tuesday's newsletter that Hyundai had launched electric robots in showrooms, so if it can get that right, hopefully we see a resolution to this soon, too.

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