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Hyundai Try & Buy Event £1,000 Savings in 2018

By Stephen Turvil | September 6, 2018


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Hyundai i30 5-Door, i30 Tourer, i30 Fastback and Tucson overview as manufacturer vouchers cut prices by up to £1,000

Hyundai Try & Buy Event £1,000 Savings in 2018

Hyundai Try & Buy Event explained

The Hyundai Try & Buy Event slashes the price of your new, versatile, and highly capable vehicle by up to £1,000 until September 30th 2018. To benefit, simply pick which of the brand’s qualifying vehicles best suits your lifestyle, book a test drive online to explore its virtues then check your e-mail for a voucher.

Hyundai i30 5-Door (£1,000 voucher)

Hyundai Try & Buy Event £1,000 Savings in 2018 Image 4

The Hyundai i30 5-Door is a small, family class, hatchback and among the prospects. Its purpose is to be a cost effective, practical, safe family workhorse that makes the school run, shopping trips and other adventures a pleasure. It therefore has a range of key strengths that ensure it succeeds. Highlights include:


  • Safety features such as automatic emergency braking in case you fail to react to a hazard 
  • Low running costs as it averages up to 74.3mpg 
  • Practical 5 door, 5 seat, layout and a large boot (395-litres) 
  • 5 year, unlimited mileage, warranty for total peace of mind 
  • Prices start from £17,000

Hyundai i30 Tourer (£1,000 voucher)

Hyundai Try & Buy Event £1,000 Savings in 2018 Image 2

The Hyundai i30 Tourer is a family class estate. Its purpose is to inherit strengths from its sibling – the i30 5-Door – but have a larger boot and other practical touches that make it easier to pack bulky equipment for your hobbies. Bicycles and camping gear, perhaps. Features that guarantee it succeeds include:

  • Enormous, 602-litre, cargo capacity that increases to 1,650-litres if you fold the rear seats flat 
  • High, box-like, roof line that enables the boot to easily swallow large, awkward, items that cannot fit into a hatchback 
  • Rear, centre, armrest folds flat to reveal a hole that lets items which are too long for the boot to extend into the cabin 
  • Rails that enable you to fit a roof box for further storage 
  • Prices start from £17,500

Hyundai i30 Fastback (£1,000 voucher)

Hyundai Try & Buy Event £1,000 Savings in 2018 Image 4

The Hyundai i30 Fastback is a family class vehicle that incorporates coupé styling that attracts admiring glances. Its purpose is to be more visually striking, more fashionable among those in the know, and more engaging to drive than the Hyundai i30 5-Door and i30 Tourer. Core strengths which ensure success include:

  • Low, sporty, coupé roof that flows into the rear spoiler 
  • Exclusive 17” and 18” alloy wheels 
  • Purposeful, assertive, road presence 
  • Stiffer, sportier, suspension plus a lower ride height than its siblings to further optimise the handling 
  • Prices start from £20,310

Hyundai Tucson (£500 voucher)

Hyundai Try & Buy Event £1,000 Savings in 2018 Image 3

The 2019 Hyundai Tucson is a new, medium size, sports-utility vehicle. The purpose of this spacious workhorse is to blend fashionable, off-road, styling that impresses the neighbours with some off-road capability and technology that makes motoring a pleasure whether on/off road. Features that ensure success include:

  • Muscular off-road styling that incorporates a skid plate, prominent grille and a wide range of attention grabbing wheels 
  • All-wheel-drive for tricky terrain 
  • Vibrant, stylish, roomy interior that is guaranteed to be noticed by family, friends and colleagues that require a lift 
  • Around view monitor makes low speed manoeuvres easy as it provides a 360 degree, aerial, view via a series of cameras 
  • Prices start from £21,845 (2019 model)

Cash or finance

The Hyundai Try & Buy Event voucher can be sitting in your inbox whether you purchase via cash or one of the manufacturer’s flexible, low cost, finance plans. “Whether you are off to the coast, visiting relatives or just popping to the playground - the family proof Hyundai range has you covered”, the manufacturer said.

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