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IONIQ 5: Hyundai Teases New Car & Sub-brand

By Stephen Turvil | January 26, 2021


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New IONIQ 5 first info reveals a sleek, quick to charge electric car that can power your oven (pre-launch preview).

IONIQ 5: Hyundai Teases New Car & Sub-brand

Hello IONIC 5! Hyundai has released initial ‘teaser shots’ and tantalising video of the first vehicle to launch under its new electric sub-brand: IONIQ. Details are sketchy this far from launch, but there is enough information to get a first impression of this new vehicle. Let us summarise its credentials. The IONIQ 5:

  • powers large electrical items via a socket (oven, for example)
  • has a sleek and minimalistic look
  • is a crossover utility vehicle
  • can be charged very quickly.

IONIQ 5: Hyundai Teases New Car & Sub-brand Image

Power external devices

The IONIQ 5 can power large, heavy, electrical devices that typically stay home. How? Via the battery that powers its wheels and a 110V/240V socket. This can be useful in many scenarios. Hyundai therefore released a trio of videos which suggest examples. 

There is the cooking while camping video, for example. It opens with a voice over that suggests you have to make a fire before cooking. However, the voice is interrupted by a man roasting a turkey in an electric oven. Making fire is ‘quite an effort’, he concludes. Clearly, the oven is powered from the socket in the car.

There is a further camping video. It shows a man relaxing on his sun lounger and listening to music. He is surrounded by an elaborate set of speakers powered by the car. In the final camping video, a man runs at speed. The assumption is that he is running through the woods. He is not, though. He is running on a treadmill.


IONIQ 5: Hyundai Teases New Car & Sub-brand Image

The teaser images only show glimpses of the vehicle, but the impression is clean and modern. See the front, for example. It is smooth. There is no clutter. There is nothing there for the sake of it. Note the headlamps, too. When facing the car, the emerging light looks rectangular. That is interesting. Other traits include:

  • very wide grille beneath the headlamps
  • distinctive alloy wheels
  • plastic cladding on the wheel arches
  • prominent badges (particularly at the rear).

Range and charging

The IONIQ 5 is quick to charge, the manufacturer suggests. It claims that a 5 minute charge – on a fast charger, of course – can increase the car’s range by 100 kilometres. There is no further information that reveals how far the vehicle can travel per-charge.

World premier

The IONIQ 5 has its virtual world premier in February 2021. In the meantime, the manufacturer plans to occasionally tease further details online. Clearly, it is creating a sense of anticipation as it prepares to launch this signifiant new brand. Interesting times! 

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