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Jaguar Land Rover Creates Cure for Motion Sickness

By Stephen Turvil | November 18, 2018


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Jaguar Land Rover teases cure for the debilitating motion sickness which ruins trips

Jaguar Land Rover Creates Cure for Motion Sickness
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What causes motion sickness?

Jaguar Land Rover is creating cars that minimise the motion sickness that makes travelling uncomfortable, worrying and unpleasant for millions of people in The United Kingdom. The National Health Service confirmed that the cause of such sickness is “repeated movement” while travelling such as “going over bumps”.

This movement creates a conflict among your senses. Perhaps your eyes are focussed on a magazine for an extended period, for example. The magazine is stationary on your lap so your brain concludes you are stationary too. However, you simultaneously feel the movements of the car which proves you are, in fact, travelling.

Note, therefore, that reading rather than looking at the road increases your chance of feeling ill. On this basis, without technical innovation motion sickness might become increasingly common in the future as autonomous, self-driving, cars allow more people to read, write, and make phone calls rather than look ahead.

Cure for motion sickness

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Jaguar Land Rover hinted how it plans to minimise such sickness – but only in broad terms. The vehicle creates a “wellness score” based on biometric readings such as your temperature. If, therefore, it concludes you are starting to feel nauseous the vehicle adjusts its behaviour to compensate. Possibilities include:

  • Adjust the suspension to reduce movement and vibration 
  • Suggest a route to your destination that is not too twisty 

Furthermore, if the vehicle operates autonomously – without a driver, in other words – its standard procedure is to minimise steering movement as a preventative measure. Jaguar Land Rover claims such techniques reduce sickness by “at least sixty percent”.

The manufacturer further confirmed that some of its current vehicles already have features that minimise sickness. For example:

  • Air conditioning to lower the temperature 
  • Cooled seats to lower the temperature 
  • Height adjustable seats to provide a better view of the road 
  • Touchscreen sits high on the dashboard 
  • Verbal sat-nav commands confirm the vehicle is about to turn so such movement is not a surprise 

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National Health Service advice

The National Health Service revealed how to reduce sickness while we wait for the manufacturer to further improve its cars. Simply:

  • Sit in the front of the vehicle 
  • Look straight ahead at a fixed point on the horizon 
  • Breathe fresh air (open a window) 
  • Ask a pharmacist for medication 
  • Do not read, watch films or use electronic devices 
  • Do not look at moving objects such as passing cars 
  • Do not eat heavily before travelling 
  • Do not consume spicy food or alcohol 
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