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Jaguar Push Their Extensive Range of Approved Used Vehicles

By Phil Gardner | August 18, 2020


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Jaguar takes the stress out of buying used vehicles with their extensive Jaguar Approved benefits

Jaguar Push Their Extensive Range of Approved Used Vehicles

Buying a used car has always come with uncertainties. How well has the car been looked after? Does the vehicle have a history of recurring issues? What if something goes wrong? And so on. These are all questions that used car buyers have to consider when buying a new second-hand vehicle.

Jaguar Push Their Extensive Range of Approved Used Vehicles Image

Happily, Jaguar is doing their bit to take all the pain away from buying a used car and giving their customers the peace of mind they need to make sure they’re happy with their next vehicle. Here’s how:

First of all, Jaguar provide a 12-month warranty with every vehicle that is sold from their Jaguar Approved range. This means that Jaguar themselves will foot the bill for any repair work that is needed within the first 12 months of ownership as long as it is covered under the terms of the warranty. Jaguar will also be providing 12 months of 24.7 roadside assistance, so even if your new car does somehow breakdown, you won’t be left stranded at the side of the road.

Before any vehicle is listed on the Jaguar Approved range, they will have already been through a 165 point inspection to ensure that absolutely everything works as it should, whether that’s the air-con or the sliding panoramic roof - everything will work as expected before it’s even up for sale. All these vehicles will have been professionally reconditioned by trained Jaguar technicians using genuine parts. These Jaguar professionals will then road test each vehicle to make sure there are no underlying issues that aren’t noticeable from the warmth of the workshop.

Jaguar Push Their Extensive Range of Approved Used Vehicles Image

Naturally, Jaguar also promises that every used vehicle on their Approved range will have had an independent MOT, mileage and history check, just to make sure there is nothing untoward about the history of each vehicle. Jaguar also provides an MOT test warranty so that the cost of any repairs needed for the vehicle’s next MOT is covered by the manufacturer.

Not convinced yet? It gets better. Jaguar also have a 30 day / 1,000-mile conditional vehicle exchange agreement, which means you won’t be short-changed if you’re not happy with the vehicle soon after taking ownership, and you as the customer can return it up to 30 days or 1,000 miles later - whichever comes soonest.

Last but certainly not least is Jaguar’s commitment to providing 7-day drive-away insurance, which means you won’t have to stand around in a showroom while trying to contact your insurer and arrange your car insurance.

So, what’s stopping you from making your next car a second-hand vehicle from Jaguars Approved used car collection? Have a look around at their stock online and why not launch an enquiry if you find a model that you like?

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