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Jeep Wagoneer S Preview

By Tim Barnes-Clay | June 4, 2024


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Whether it's a weekend getaway or a bucolic expedition, the versatility of the marque’s models ensures that every trip is met with confidence and excitement

Jeep Wagoneer S Preview

Many people dream of owning a vehicle that seamlessly transitions from city streets to the rugged countryside. In the UK, this dream has become a reality over the years with the timeless appeal of Jeep vehicles, writes Tim Barnes-Clay. 

Renowned for their off-road capabilities, Jeeps symbolise adventure, making them great companions for navigating the diverse landscapes of the UK. From charming rural areas to the terrain of national parks, this country offers many outdoor recreational areas waiting to be explored.

With exceptional off-road prowess, going over and through these terrains often becomes a heady experience in a Jeep. Whether it's a weekend getaway or a bucolic expedition, the versatility of the marque’s models ensures that every trip is met with confidence and excitement. 

Beyond off-road capabilities, Jeep's range of SUVs provides spacious and adaptable options for various lifestyles. Urban dwellers seem to appreciate Jeep vehicles' practicality and modern features, while those in more rustic parts tend to find comfort in the reliability and ruggedness synonymous with the brand.

Moreover, Jeep's commitment to innovation and modern features ensures that its vehicles are well-equipped to meet the demands of British drivers – even if it’s just a jaunt to the supermarket or the school run!

Owning a Jeep, then, is not just about transportation; it's a lifestyle choice. You only have to check out the number of social media accounts dedicated to Jeep worldwide to see that being a Jeep owner almost makes you part of a sub-culture. Even specific Jeep models come to life with a character all of their own.

Take the Jeep Wagoneer as an example. We may not have witnessed it for real over the years in this part of the world. But if you’ve been to the USA or watched an American movie, you’ll have seen it – wood (or faux wood) panelling and all - especially out in the more rural States. Many actors in those sickly-sweet mid-afternoon made-for-TV films seem to have driven one. Hang on, why are we suddenly writing about the Wagoneer, though? Well, that will become clear below – not that we’re trying to ‘clickbait’ you into reading more – honest! 

The Wagoneer has a storied history that dates to its debut in 1963. Indeed, 61 years ago, as one of the earliest luxury SUVs, little did Jeep know the model would shape today's popular sport utility vehicle landscape.

Known for its hardy off-road performance and spacious interior, the Wagoneer quickly garnered a dedicated following among families and outdoor devotees alike. Over the years, the Wagoneer underwent several transformations and updates, maintaining its boxy design and distinctive wood panelling. 

While production of the original Wagoneer ground to a halt in 1991, its influence endured with the ushering in of the Jeep Grand Cherokee, which inherited some of the Wagoneer's design elements and capabilities. 

But fast forward to 2021, and Jeep revived the Wagoneer as a premium full-size SUV, unifying contemporary technology and luxury with the sturdy construction and off-road dexterity that characterised its forerunner.

Wait - there’s more - far more! In a thrilling move that heralds a new age for the Jeep brand, the highly anticipated 2024 Jeep Wagoneer S is poised to revolutionise the SUV scene with its electrifying entry. Set for release in the United States and Canada in the second half of this year, this all-new, all-electric model will make its mark in markets worldwide, including right here in the United Kingdom, starting in 2025.

The Wagoneer S is not just another electric vehicle; it will potentially bring a paradigm shift to the SUV segment. It boasts a wholesome range of over 300 miles on a single charge. It pledges to deliver an electrifying performance with 600 hp, accelerating from zero to 62mph in just 3.4 seconds and harnessing over 800 Nm of instant torque. With the exclusive Selec-Terrain traction management system, the Jeep Wagoneer S promises consummate driving confidence and exceptional grip across diverse weather and road conditions.

Charging the Jeep Wagoneer S is set to be a walk in the park, too, thanks to its efficient 400-volt, 100-kilowatt-hour battery pack, which enables rapid electric charging. A DC fast charger will get it from five per cent to 80 per cent in less than half an hour.

Underpinning the remarkable performance of the Jeep Wagoneer S is the adaptable STLA Large Platform, a BEV-native architecture made to deliver instant clout and lightning-quick acceleration. We have yet to drive it, but with all-electric, four-wheel drive as standard, the Wagoneer S is bound to ensure unruffled driving dynamics on and off-road.

Not to be outdone, the Wagoneer S presents an appealing exterior design that harmonises proportions, modern 4xe capability, and aerodynamic efficiency. Notably, with a coefficient of drag (CD) of 0.29, Jeep tells us that the vehicle achieves the lowest CD ever for a Jeep model, making it the most aerodynamically efficient SUV in its stable.

Step inside the Wagoneer S, as we did at its unveiling to the media in Frankfurt, Germany, and you enter a world of luxury and technology. The cabin is a testament to innovation and sophistication, featuring a best-in-class usable screen space of over 45 inches, a segment-exclusive interactive front passenger screen, and an abundance of artisan details. And the experience doesn't stop there. The Wagoneer is kitted out with an all-American McIntosh sound system, delivering a premium, immersive audio experience that should make every journey a pleasure – depending on your or your passengers' music taste, of course!

Beyond its notable performance and sumptuousness, the Jeep Wagoneer S prioritises safety, connectivity, and convenience. With more than 170 factory-fitted safety and security features, including advanced driver-assist technology, the vehicle will ensure driving confidence and collision avoidance. Moreover, the Jeep Wagoneer S incorporates smart and intuitive technological features, such as the Uconnect 5 system and Jeep Connect services, to boost the driving experience and provide continuous connectivity.

So, it’s not overegging the pudding to say that the 2024 Jeep Wagoneer S represents a significant milestone for the Jeep brand. It is making its foray into the electric vehicle realm while staying true to its legacy of innovation, design, and driving experiences. With meaty performance, sustainability, and technology, the Jeep Wagoneer S is primed to captivate a new generation of enthusiasts and set a new standard for electrified SUVs. 

We are a polite bunch here at Regit, so we'll wrap up this preview piece with Jeep chief Antonio Filosa's final word on the all-electric Wagoneer S. 

He told us: “The introduction of the all-electric Jeep Wagoneer S represents an exciting milestone in the rich legacy of the Jeep brand. Drawing from almost a century of groundbreaking innovation and craftsmanship, this pioneering global BEV will bring a completely new generation of drivers into a distinctly Jeep experience that is fully electric.”

Filosa added: “With a fresh wave of energy in the Jeep vehicle range, featuring options from EV to V8, customers now have unprecedented freedom to tailor their own adventures.”

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