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Kia: A Look Ahead To The Near Future

By Tim Barnes-Clay | April 24, 2024


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Thirty years ago, Kia was considered late to the party.

Kia: A Look Ahead To The Near Future

The company had existed since 1944 and, after humble beginnings as a producer of bicycle parts, Kyungsung Precision Industry was renamed Kia Industries in 1952.

But it was another two decades before it turned its attention to cars – and then another twenty years went by before the first Kia arrived in the UK – the Pride – in 1991.

By all accounts, Kia was a late bloomer.

But not anymore.

Since then, it’s forged a reputation for increasingly well-designed, reliable family cars, with a dozen different vehicles on sale in the United Kingdom at the moment.

The latest generation of its well-known models, such as the modern-looking Sportage, has increased the pace at which Kia is moving up the ladder.

But it’s been the introduction of its first all-electric car, the EV6, that really made its rivals stand up and take notice.

The EV6 has been with us for over two years already. When unveiled a few months earlier, it raised eyebrows with its Volkswagen Scirocco-esque front end, futuristic rear - and opulent interior.

But that wasn't all: it's also superb to drive – and, because it's bigger in the metal than its hot-hatch looks suggest in a photo, it also offers a decent amount of practicality.

The EV6 has set the tone nicely for an exciting Kia-themed future, with the Soul EV and the brand-new EV9 also being ushered in as the marque’s latest all-electric models.

So, let’s look at what is on the horizon for Kia in 2024 and beyond.

Brand-New Kia EV9 SUV

Now available to order, the Kia EV9 has three versions. The basic version, called the Air, has the longest range. It has a 99.8kWh battery, a single motor at the back, and 19-inch wheels. 

The GT-Line version has an extra motor at the front for better driving. It also comes with 21-inch wheels, smarter headlights, and nicer front seats.

The top-tier GT-Line S has a premium Meridian audio system, a head-up display, and two sunroofs.

All models get a 99.8kWh battery, with a claimed range of 336 miles, even in the higher-powered version.

Facelifted Fourth-Generation Kia Sorento

The existing Kia Sorento has had a facelift, The new Sorento comes with advanced hybrid and plug-in hybrid technology to enhance your journeys and explore new places.

It's packed with the latest features for safety, reliability, and comfort, like dual panoramic screens inside, relaxing front seats, a digital rear-view mirror, and fingerprint recognition.

Brand-New Kia EV3

Cars to follow further down the line include the Kia EV3.

It will be an SUV, but a small version, which looks like a halfway house between a family hatchback and the Kia EV9.

The EV9’s influence is unmistakable in mock-ups that have been teased so far. It has a busy lower front end and minimalist bodywork above, where a traditional grille would typically sit, flanked by thin light bars above and to the sides.

Kia has said it won't look too dissimilar to a Concept EV3, unveiled recently at its first ever 'EV Day'. However, we'd expect the interior to have more meat on the bones in the final production version, even if it retains a minimalistic design.

We don’t know about power outputs yet, but 215 to 305PS is likely – and it’ll be priced at under £30,000, which isn’t bad for an all-electric vehicle.

It will replace the Kia Soul EV, it's likely to arrive in 2025.

Brand-New Kia EV4

The EV4 is a fascinating concept – and one that will likely please fans of the EV6, as it looks just like it from the front.

The big difference, though, is to be found at the back, as Kia is re-imagining the saloon car and, more or less, it looks like an EV6 with an overhanging rear-end.

With so many shapes on offer nowadays, what precisely defines a ‘hatchback’, ‘estate’, ‘coupe’ and ‘saloon’ is less rigid than it once was.

Nevertheless, the EV4 has four side doors, a sloping roofline, and a minimalist interior, similar to the concept mock-ups that have been teased for the EV3.

The EV4 will likely arrive in 2025 or 2026, with around 220 to 320PS in power.

Brand-New Kia EV5

In a nutshell, the EV5 looks like a medium-sized version of the EV9 we mentioned earlier, sitting above the smaller EV3 in the range.

Again, boasting the same minimalist front end with thin, light bars, it'll come with 64kWh and 88kWh batteries, around 220PS and a range of up to 447 miles with the larger battery.

Higher-powered models producing around 305PS could also be offered.

Fast charging is also expected, with Kia aiming to achieve a 30 to 80% top-up in less than half an hour.

Those figures are for a model that will hit the Chinese market, but Kia will likely want the same or similar elsewhere.

Likely to arrive in 2025, we expect a similar interior to that offered in the EV9.

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