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Labour has said it will reinstate 2030 ban on new petrol and diesel vehicles if elected

By Tom Gibson | October 10, 2023


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The postponement of the ban was announced by Rishi Sunak last month but shadow business secretary, Jonathan Reynolds, says carmakers need 'certainty' on Net Zero

Labour has said it will reinstate 2030 ban on new petrol and diesel vehicles if elected

Shadow business secretary, Jonathan Reynolds, has said Labour will reintroduce the ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars that was originally scheduled for 2030, if elected.

The postponement of the ban was welcomed by a large proportion of motorists who aren’t currently receptive to switching to an electric vehicle because of a whole host of barriers including the high cost to buy, the poor rollout of infrastructure or the question marks around how clean they are to manufacture.

And although there are certainly deals to be had on previously owned electric vehicles, the initial outlay involved in switching to a cleaner car will, undoubtedly, hit the poorest in society hardest which is why Labour’s decision seems all the more puzzling.

Car makers will be happy with Labour’s announcement though. As of January 2024, just over 20% of all new car sales have to be electric and firms that don’t hit the targets will face eye-watering penalties of around £15,000 per car.

And although the ban has been postponed, the rollout of the targets remains with manufacturers needing to hit 80% by 2030 to avoid the penalties – targets that right now seem impossible for them to hit.

Speaking to the Financial Times, Mr Reynolds said: 'The Tory Government has been undermining international investment by chopping and changing... the endless stop-start of Government policy has left the British automotive industry stalled.

'Industry themselves want 2030, they're absolutely clear on that, the SMMT [Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders] has been clear on that, the major vehicle producers in the UK have been clear on that.'

Would you want to see the ban reintroduced? Let us know in the comments.

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