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Land Rover Champion Their Used Car Stock

By Phil Gardner | August 25, 2020


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Land Rover makes a compelling case for their approved-used range of cars...

Land Rover Champion Their Used Car Stock

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A huge surplus of end-of-lease cars has accumulated during 2020 due to the coronavirus bringing both new and used car sales grinding to a halt for a number of months. Now, as we return to normality, there has never been a greater choice of used cars on the market, and with brand new cars being in shorter supply due to closed manufacturing plants, now seems like a very good time to buy used.

Land Rover have seen this opportunity and they’ve decided to run with it, by making their Land Rover Approved Used range of stock more compelling than ever before. With the sale of every single Land Rover from their Approved used range in the Land Rover dealerships, you will receive a car that comes with a minimum of 12 months of Land Rover Approved warranty, just in case any unwanted problems arise. You’ll also get 12 months of Land Rovers 24/7 Roadside Assistance so you’ll never be left stranded at the roadside.

This is, of course, assuming your approved-used vehicle has any problems, which is unlikely because all models will have passed a 165-point vehicle inspection prior to being put on sale and the vehicle will have already been reconditioned by experience Land Rover Technicians and test-driven to ensure everything is as it should be.

Naturally, every vehicle will come with a fresh MOT and independent mileage and history checks, but buyers will also be pleased to know that Land Rover includes a free half-day Land Rover experience, so you can really put their models to the test in tricky conditions. Lastly, every model will come with a complimentary 7 day Land Rover insurance - just to put the icing on the cake.

Land Rover Champion Their Used Car Stock Image

Land Rover is actually so convinced that they offer best-in-class used cars, they even run with the tagline; “when you can’t tell it’s used, it’s Land Rover approved’ - which is hard to disagree with when you see the lengths they have taken to ensure every model is built to the highest of standards.

So, what’s available? 

Well, there are thousands of vehicles available on the Approved Used website from Land Rover, and one of their leading offers is for used models of the current Discovery, which they themselves describe as their most versatile SUV to date. This luxurious and capable 7 seater is available with a £1,500 deposit contribution for a very limited time.

Elsewhere, Land Rover is offering a similar deal against their top-selling Range Rover Evoque model. For a limited time only they will contribute £1,000 to the deposit.

And lastly, Land Rover is also offering a more substantial £2,000 deposit contribution against Range Rover Velar models bought from their Approved Used catalogue.  

Are you convinced yet? If you are, why not have a search through Land Rover’s approved-used directory and find the perfect model for you and your family, and maybe even get a little bit of money contributed toward your deposit by the manufacturer...

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