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Limited production set for BMW Skytop Concept

By Mathilda Bartholomew | May 30, 2024


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While BMW gears up for an electric future, the Skytop reaffirms the brand's commitment to high-performance combustion engines in select segments.

BMW’s Skytop Concept car is gearing up for approval and might hit the streets in limited numbers by next year, as per company insiders.

Unveiled at Villa d’Este on May 24, the car, based on the 8 Series, packs a punch with the M8’s 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine, tweaked to churn out 626 horsepower. Drawing inspiration from the iconic Z8, it pays homage to the 2000s classic in its design elements.

Speaking at the launch, BMW’s design head, Adrian van Hooydonk, said “The headlamps, the tail-lights, they're new. They're as slim as we could possibly make them. But we know they could be homologated.

“If we do it, I think we should do it in a very limited production. Very limited. Like we did with 3.0 CSL. We made 50 pieces of that. 

“Then I think that would make some sense. Then it becomes a dream car. Maybe an instant classic. There’s no need to turn it into a big series production car.

“We could deliver within a year if we were to go that way.”

Adding to the excitement, BMW M CEO Frank van Meel said “It is a little bit like a test balloon. You show the cars, and if there's enough demand, it can be built. 

“I think the demand is quite high. So probability is quite high. We’ll see over the next few weeks if that interest translates into purchasing orders.

“The probability is there. It shows we always want to try new things and see if there is a demand. Even though we’re a big company, it’s not the main purpose to build a small series.

“But if you listen to your customers and they say every now and then to do something like this and we do it – I think it’s a nice gesture to show that we are not only into let's say the cars we build everyday, but we can also do something special if demand is there.”

Skytop, is a luxurious open-top car blending tradition with modernity. Its design echoes iconic BMW grand tourers, featuring sleek lines, advanced lighting, and brushed aluminium accents.

At the front, a tapered kidney grille and LED headlights pay homage to BMW’s heritage, while the Targa-style roof and sleek windscreen add a sporty touch. The interior boasts leather trim and cutting-edge technology, reminiscent of the existing 8 Series.

Under the hood, Skytop boasts BMW’s most powerful V8 engine, hinting at its performance pedigree. Although exact specs remain under wraps, it's rumoured to be based on the CLAR platform, promising a thrilling driving experience.

If greenlit for production, Skytop could hit roads by 2026, potentially replacing the current 8 Series line-up. While BMW gears up for an electric future, the Skytop reaffirms the brand's commitment to high-performance combustion engines in select segments.

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