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Lorry driver inches from 330ft drop after crashing off the edge of Chinese mountain road

By Tom Gibson | February 7, 2023


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We take a look at five of the most terrifying roads in the world – how many of these would you drive along?

It’s the kind of footage that makes you squirm and this lorry driver will surely be wondering how he was able to live to tell the tale of when his truck was hanging off the side of a Chinese mountain with nothing but a 330ft drop beneath him.

In an Italian Job-esque incident, the lorry can be seen hanging over the cliff with the weight of its rear load the only thing preventing it from crashing down.

Unlike the famous Michael Caine film, at least we know that all worked out well here…

The incident happened when the driver had to reverse back down the road as the track got too steep and narrow for his big truck. But when tiptoeing down one of the truck's wheels slipped off the road, leaving the lorry in an extremely perilous position.


Nepal is famous for its notorious mountain ranges that have claimed the lives of thousands over the years but the roads in the country are not for the faint-hearted, either.

Footage here shows a group of British tourists navigating a narrow mountainous road with a 2,000ft drop on one side.


A shocking video from India’s Zojila pass shows a motorcyclist attempt to overtake a lorry when he loses control and skids along the muddy track right up to the mountain edge.

Fortunately, he manages to regain control right when it matters to avoid becoming another victim of one of the world’s most dangerous mountain roads.


The driver from this clip edges inches along a narrow and crumbling road with nothing but a drop down the Cotahausi Canyon waiting for anyone that puts a wheel out of line.

The canyon is 11,000ft deep and more than twice the depth of the Grand Canyon, so quite why anyone would want to take this on in any instance is beyond us.


Slightly closer to home, incredible footage shows a lorry carrying huge logs twisting its way up a road in the French Alps.

The clip shows the driver slowly edging his way around a corner with the front of the lorry looking out towards the sheer drop below, but he expertly navigates his way around bend and simply gets on with his day. Tres bien, monsieur! 

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