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Magma – The exciting new performance brand from Genesis

By Tim Barnes-Clay | June 24, 2024


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We were privileged to witness the showcase of Genesis’ Magma concept cars, including the GV80 Coupe Concept, G80 EV Magma Concept, G80 Magma Special, X Gran Berlinetta Concept, and the GV60 Magma Concept.

Magma – The exciting new performance brand from Genesis

The Genesis Magma programme is confirmation of Genesis’ commitment to redefining high-performance cars, writes Tim Barnes-Clay.

Being among the first journalists in Europe to see and touch the Genesis Magma vehicles made us feel we were part of an elite group. Daft, we know - but this exclusivity underscores the significance and anticipation surrounding the name ‘Magma’.

The media event occurred at the Nürburgring - the world-renowned motorsports complex in Nürburg, Germany. Comprising the Grand Prix track and the Nordschleife (Northern loop), it offers a challenging and diverse racing experience with its mix of terrains, numerous corners, and elevation changes. This legendary venue hosts various racing events and testing sessions, cementing its status as a pivotal location for motorsports. So, what better place to invite a bunch of hacks from different countries to learn more about Genesis and its Magma initiative?

Under the expertise of engineering specialists at the Namyang Research and Development (R&D) Centre, the Magma project has elevated the athletic potential of the Genesis marque, which is owned by parent company Hyundai. In South Korea, the Namyang R&D is the hub of Hyundai Motor's global research and development network. Here, revolutionary ideas and leading-edge technology converge to shape the future of automotive engineering. This advanced facility is pivotal in developing next-generation vehicles, prioritising performance, safety, and sustainability.

The bulk of the work in Eastern Asia involves refining the cars' chassis, suspension, and dynamics. Therefore, you won't be surprised to learn that the Magma programme is designed to develop a high-performance variant for each current production vehicle in the Genesis lineup, maximising aesthetics along the way. 

The Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Centre (HMETC) is also at the cutting edge of developing new technologies and innovations for Genesis in Europe. With two primary facilities - in Rüsselsheim, Germany, and at the Nürburgring track - the resource is dedicated to meeting the demanding standards of the European market. 

The Rüsselsheim hub, established in 2003, is the first Hyundai technical centre in Europe. Here, a team of over 400 skilled professionals focuses on research and development tasks covering powertrains, vehicle development, planning and project management, electronic systems, commercial vehicles and design, and corporate functions. 

In 2013, the second HMETC facility was established at the Nürburgring track. It serves as the base camp for European vehicle performance and durability development. The facility’s main task is to ensure that every Genesis is adapted to suit European roads and driving styles through a comprehensive evaluation. 

Engineering achievements are at the heart of the work at HMETC, focusing on ensuring efficient drives, easy-to-use charging solutions, optimal aerodynamics, and innovative surfaces. Tests at the track encompass ride and harshness, performance, track driving capability, and performance degradation. Notably, the accelerated durability assessment sees Genesis vehicles complete 480 laps on the Nürburgring track to test the wear of the engine and the function of the suspension and brake system, a process unique to the Genesis marque. 

We were privileged to witness the showcase of Genesis’ Magma concept cars, including the GV80 Coupe Concept, G80 EV Magma Concept, G80 Magma Special, X Gran Berlinetta Concept, and the GV60 Magma Concept.  

These models embody the perfect blend of performance and luxury that defines the Magma project, signifying a new chapter for Genesis in the high-performance car segment. Distinctive in their exterior design, the Magma models present a self-assured and dynamic stance, complemented by a luxurious and technologically integrated interior. High-quality materials and the exclusive Magma orange colour further exemplify the premium nature of these high-octane vehicles.

One standout among the impressive lineup is the GV60 Magma Concept, an electric SUV designed to boost the design and performance of the existing GV60 production model. The GV60 Magma Concept promises to deliver an extraordinary driving experience without compromising comfort and opulence. It features a widened and lowered body, improved aerodynamic efficiency, and various performance-oriented design elements. 

With its potent capabilities, the GV60 Magma Concept offers something really different from what you see in corporate car parks in the United Kingdom - and that includes the excellent ‘standard’ GV60. This makes the awaited hot performance model ideal for those who want to be noticed and value both electrically propelled velocity and luxury in their vehicles.

Every detail of the GV60 Magma Concept, from the widened and lowered main air intake to the titanium-coloured flow-formed 21-inch wheels, is meticulously crafted. Incorporating bucket seats with body-coloured seatbacks upholstered in Nappa and suede leather, featuring double-diamond stitching patterns in Magma's iconic orange hue and titanium grey, further illustrates the fusion of extravagance and performance that defines the Magma programme. 

Indeed, this level of craftsmanship ensures that every aspect of the car is of the highest quality, giving you a sense of the attention to detail Genesis puts into each Magma vehicle. With the Genesis Magma venture, the marque is boldly stepping into the high-performance automotive arena, pledging new benchmarks for out-and-out clout, design, and sumptuousness. 

As interest in and curiosity about the production models derived from the Magma initiative continues to build, it's clear that Genesis is poised to make a significant impact. This launch is not just another entry into the market but an important moment that may well shape the future of high-performance vehicles.

The GV60 Magma could be available in showrooms by the start of 2025. However, as Genesis will focus on launching electric cars in Europe next year, other production cars from the new Magma performance brand will also be EV-only in the UK.

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