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Meet Audi’s Flagship Avant - The All-New RS4

By Phil Gardner | September 30, 2019


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The Audi ‘estate’ vehicle with all the bells and whistles…

The Audi RS4 Avant has been one of the top-sellers of Audis Sport range since its inception and now the all-new model is ready to go on sale to UK consumers as of next month (November 2019) with the first models arriving in the showroom in early 2020.

So, what’s new?

Well, all of it. The new RS4 Avant still carries forward the ethos of unbeatable practicality and blistering performance beneath a somewhat understated facade. This new model will have all the cues of the new Audi range, such as the angled grille, new MATRIX LED headlight arrangement and an overhauled interior while remaining true to its roots.

First and foremost, this is a performance car, so we’ll get the facts and figures out the way early. The RS4 Avant uses a 2.9-litre ‘TFSI’ petrol engine, which is arranged in a V6 format with a pair of turbochargers forcing air into the engine. As you would expect, this is an extremely highly strung unit and the power figures speak for themselves. Audi has stated that the RS4 will put out 450 PS while producing an earth-spinning 600newton-metres of torque.

Meet Audi’s Flagship Avant - The All-New RS4 Image 0

The RS4 has always been immediately distinguishable from the A4 which it shares its genetics with thanks to those iconic muscular wheel arches. These are the wide shoulders of the vehicle which are a whole 30 millimetres wider than the arches on the regular A4. The gloss black wing mirrors and side sills help to emphasise the fact that this is a whole different beast to the non-RS model.

Now, fuel economy won’t be at the forefront of an RS4 buyers mind but it is a factor that’s becoming increasingly more important as time goes on, and prospective buyers will be satisfied with a projected WLTP economy of 30.1 mpg. Ok, you’re not going to be saving any polar bears, but compared to RS4 models of the past, that’s a marked improvement. That projected mpg is a 17% improvement over the model being replaced.

Meet Audi’s Flagship Avant - The All-New RS4 Image 2

Onto the practicality, which is a huge selling point for the RS4 Avant as there are very few competitors in this somewhat-niche corner of the performance vehicle section. You’ll be happy to know that the RS4 still has a massive boot with a total capacity of 495 litres, which then increases to 1,495 litres when the rear seats are folded down. Of course, this is with a particularly forgiving roofline which makes the Avant an excellent choice for dog owners.

The RS4 Avant will come with Audis fully customisable digital dash technology as well as more than 30 driver-assist systems to keep the driving safe, relaxing and enjoyable when cruising the motorway or around town, and then absolutely thrilling when you feel like putting your foot down.

No official word yet on the pricing of the new RS4 Avant, however, we imagine it will be similarly priced to the RS5 Coupe and cheaper than the RS6 Avant, so expect a figure loosely around the £65,000 mark.

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