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Mercedes-Benz EQ: Fast AMG Cars For New Electric Sub-Brand

By Stephen Turvil | January 28, 2021


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AMG: New Mercedes-Benz EQ electric sub-brand to include fast, ferocious, high-performance vehicles (immense power).

Mercedes-Benz EQ: Fast AMG Cars For New Electric Sub-Brand
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Exciting news! The Mercedes-Benz EQ sub-brand is to include thrilling, high performance, AMG vehicles that make your pulse race. Such cars will combine separate elements within Mercedes-Benz. EQ is its new sub-brand that includes plug-in hybrid, mild hybrid, and electric cars. Mercedes-AMG is its high performance department that takes fast cars then adds even greater performance. 

What to expect

Mercedes-Benz EQ has not revealed much information about its forthcoming fast cars. Why? Because it wants to build excitement and a sense of anticipation. The manufacturer has not even suggested what cars it plans to launch. Neither has it mentioned timescale, performance, or price. However, existing Mercedes-Benz AMG vehicles – which have a petrol engine – suggest what to expect.

Mercedes-Benz EQ: Fast AMG Cars For New Electric Sub-Brand Image

A Mercedes-Benz EQ AMG is likely to be genuinely special, for starters. Do not expect a standard vehicle that has superficial tweaks for marketing purposes. Naturally then, it has enormous power. Further expect the suspension, brakes, and driver aids to be optimised to handle such power. And, of course, expect muscular styling that proves it is one of the company’s most ferocious cars.

Mercedes-AMG summarised its purpose and suggested it creates some of the best performance production cars on the planet. ‘AMG stands worldwide for supreme automotive performance, exclusivity, efficiency, and highly dynamic driving pleasure’, the company said.

Mercedes-Benz EQ must make fast cars

The Mercedes-Benz EQ sub-brand must sell fast cars to reach its full potential. Let us briefly summarise why. As of now, most motorists who want a ‘fast car’ think of a loud, raw, petrol powered beast. It instinctively springs to mind. Mercedes-Benz has many such cars to entice customers. In contrast, drivers rarely initially think of an electric car, plug-in hybrid, or mild hybrid.

Note too that it is in the manufacturer’s interest to sell fast vehicles. They retail for enormous sums. They get a lot of attention from the media. Furthermore, they make the company’s entire range far more desirable. This is because the ‘associated glory’ rubs off on the other cars (even basic models). This helps the manufacturer sell to people that have a more restricted budget. 

Mercedes-Benz is keen to retain such benefits forever – but it cannot with powerful petrol cars. Why? Because new legislation, eco-warriors, and motorists are increasingly pressuring manufacturers to abandon traditional cars and sell more eco-friendly alternatives. The ‘fast car’ mantle must therefore pass onto electric, plug-in hybrid, and mild hybrid models. Mercedes-Benz EQ must become the byword for ‘performance’. Watch this space! 

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