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Mercedes-Benz EQC Gets 5 Stars in the Euro NCAP Test

By Phil Gardner | September 9, 2019


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All-electric Merc gets top marks among several other new entrants…

Mercedes-Benz EQC Gets 5 Stars in the Euro NCAP Test

The European New Car Assesment Programme is a set of tests which have become the industry standard for all cars manufactured and sold across the continent. It’s a standardized method of comparing vehicles with one another to ensure buyers are choosing vehicles that meet the rigorous safety standards that we’ve come to expect. To score 5 stars, Euro NCAP say a car will have: “Overall good performance in crash protection. Well equipped with robust crash avoidance technology.” It goes without saying that this is an excellent opportunity for manufacturers to ensure their models stand out from the competition because all buyers want safe vehicles.

So, who has scored full marks?

Mercedes-Benz EQC Gets 5 Stars in the Euro NCAP Test Image 10

Daimler’s EQ range oozes potential and they’ll be elated to know that their first model, the Mercedes Benz EQC, has scored top marks in the Euro NCAP safety tests. This is one of only a few all-electric cars that have been tested to date, and it joins the likes of the Jaguar I-Pace and Audi E-Tron at the very top of the class, with the Tesla Model X being tested later this year. The EQC scored a particularly strong 96% in driver protection and 90% in passenger protection.

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Mercedes-Benz will also be pleased to know that the latest iteration of their ‘junior saloon’ CLA model also scored 5 stars. The CLA has been gifted with Mercedes’ new eye-catching front-profile and body styling to bring it up to date with the rest of the Mercedes model range, and inside the interior has been overhauled to make it, arguably, the best in its class. The CLA scored particularly highly (91%) for both Child Occupant Protection and Vulnerable Road User safety.

Take a test drive or find out more

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Another new model being tested was the BMW Z4 and it’s another model ticking all the right boxes. The Z4 was recently reintroduced to the BMW lineup after a somewhat brief sabbatical since the previous model was discontinued. This new roadster has received huge amounts of praise from the motoring press since it was launched and prospective buyers will now be even further convinced by the Z4 after it’s stellar performance when tested to NCAP standards. The BMW scored a massive 97% in the adult protection category, which in theory makes it one of the safest vehicles on the road as there is very little room for improvement. Exceptionally impressive.

Take a BMW 24 hr test drive

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Sticking with the premium cars, Audi’s beloved new A1 supermini scored 5 stars. Audi has relaunched its A1 in 2019 exclusively as a 5-door model with Audi’s new styling cues and interior technology. The A1 has safely retained its place right at the top of the pecking order in the supermini class, with very little competition from other manufacturers. Prospective buyers will be particularly happy with the Audis performance in the Adult Occupant (95%) and Child Occupant (85%) tests which are very difficult to critique, especially when compared to other models in this market.

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And last but certainly not least is the top-selling Ford Focus. Ford don’t need the Euro NCAP safety ratings to sell cars on their behalf, because they have no trouble in selling the Focus model, which is the best-selling model in the large hatchback market in the UK - a title which it has retained for many years now. Nevertheless, Ford has made sure that the Focus looks after it’s owners and other road users. The new 2019 model scored 96% for adult occupant protection, 87% for child occupant protection and 75% for its safety assist technology. A very solid set of scores from a very solid car.

So, which is your favourite out of all these 5-star cars? Find out more by getting behind the wheel with a test drive

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