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MG Donate a Fleet of 100 ZS EV’s to NHS Staff

By Phil Gardner | March 31, 2020


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NHS heroes to be gifted a fleet of the all-electric MG SUVs...

MG Donate a Fleet of 100 ZS EV’s to NHS Staff
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In these trying times, it is important to make sure we show real appreciation for the good pieces of news that come along. Today we’re happy to report a real act of generosity from MG Motor Group, who have kindly offered a fleet of 100 MG ZS EV’s to the heroic staff at the NHS.

These cars are being gifted for a period of 6 months to help support the national effort to overcome the global Coronavirus Pandemic. As the battle intensifies against COVID-19, the fleet of ZS EV’s will be given to frontline support staff to ensure that these key workers can travel safely to and from their jobs.

The fleet will not only relieve workers of stress with their commuting but because the cars are fully electric they will save the NHS money while also having a sustainable effect on the environment. The 100 vehicles are being distributed across the nation via MGs dealership infrastructure and the first 6 models have already been provided to the Lancashire and South Cumbria NHS Trust by MG dealer Chorley Group

MG Donate a Fleet of 100 ZS EV’s to NHS Staff Image

Head of Sales & Marketing at MG Motor UK, Daniel Gregorious, said “As a proud British brand, MG is more than just a car manufacturer. Together with our dealer network, we want to do our bit to help the country to come through this uncertain time. By providing 100 electric cars to our NHS heroes, we hope that we will help to keep healthcare moving so that as many people as possible can receive the support they need. It’s also our way of saying thank you to those selfless people who work so hard to keep us all safe”.

The MG ZS EV is an extremely practical SUV which makes very few compromises. The cabin is more than big enough to transport 5 adults around. With a lot of electric cars, the boot space is hampered by the electric drivetrain, but with the ZS there is still a healthy 448 litres of luggage space back there, which is only slightly less than the full-petrol model.

The heroes at the NHS will also enjoy the electric range of the MG ZS EV, which achieved 163 miles of driving on a single full-charge when tested to WLTP standards - a combination of motorway and B-road driving. Another benefit is, of course, the 5-star NCAP safety rating that the ZS EV earned when tested - which also proves to be a massive selling point for family buyers.

Well done, MG. It is inspiring to see the generosity being demonstrated by individuals and businesses alike as we battle the Coronavirus. If you’re liking the look of the MG ZS EV - it’s worth mentioning that it is on sale now and comes with a 7-year warranty as standard with prices from just £22,495 - which is nice and affordable for an electric car of this size.

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Request a MG Motor UK ZS brochure
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