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MG ZS EV Preview as Brand Readies Its First Electric Car

By Stephen Turvil | May 23, 2019


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New MG ZS EV purpose, features, and strengths as the manufacturer prepares to launch its first electric car

Benefits of electric vehicle

The MG ZS EV is a new, fully electric, sports-utility vehicle that launches Autumn 2019 in the UK and is the manufacturer’s first foray into electric propulsion. Its purpose is to be a family workhorse for those that want value for money, low running costs, and plenty of equipment. The benefits of this electric car include:

  • Eliminates any need to spend money on petrol or diesel
  • Cannot pollute the planet at the point of use
  • Can be taxed for free as it is zero emission
  • Is exempt from London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone charge

MG ZS EV technical details are sketchy but the manufacturer has revealed a few facts. It is fuelled by a 44.5kWh water cooled battery, for instance. This can be charged from 0-80% in only 43 minutes via a rapid public charger. In contrast, a 7kW domestic charger takes 6 and a half hours to charge the battery from 0-100%.

Key information yet to be revealed includes how far the vehicle travels per charge. However, rumours suggest up to 170 miles is a reasonable estimate. Expect confirmation in the third quarter of 2019. Furthermore, the car’s motor likely produces about 148bhp.

MG ZS EV Preview as Brand Readies Its First Electric Car Image 0

Advanced driver assistance systems

The MG ZS EV incorporates a wide range of advanced driver assistance systems. Expect automatic low speed steering, for starters. Likely applications include keeping the vehicle in its lane if there is a long, slow, traffic jam on the dual carriageway.

The vehicle also has adaptive cruise control that regulates the throttle to maintain a safe distance to the traffic ahead; automatic braking that reacts if you fail to respond to a hazard; and blind spot monitor that confirms a car approaching from the rear is concealed by part of your bodywork. Further traits include:

  • Tall, curvaceous, bodywork and a prominent grille
  • Around 4.3 metres long by 1.8 metres wide
  • Panoramic roof that makes the cabin feel spacious
  • Satellite navigation, key-less entry and digital radio
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto that integrates with phones
  • 7 year/80,000 mile manufacturer warranty

MG ZS EV Preview as Brand Readies Its First Electric Car Image 1

MG discusses its first electric vehicle

MG Motor UK Head of Sales & Marketing, Daniel Gregorious, explained: ‘The MG ZS EV represents the start of MG’s long term brand and product expansion plan. It adds a new dimension to the car market by offering high-tech, zero emission, transport to a broader cross section of buyers.’ Early interest has been very encouraging as there have been hundreds of enquiries, he concluded.

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