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Michelin Tyres Performance, Longevity & Value for Money in 2019

By Stephen Turvil | May 7, 2019


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Michelin tyres balance traction, long life, and excellent prices - and the company even answers your questions online

Michelin Tyres Performance, Longevity & Value for Money in 2019

Michelin tyre range

Michelin produces high performance, long lasting, and affordable tyres that ensure your vehicle works at its best however treacherous the conditions. Tyres, after all, influence how it brakes, corners, and rides so it is important to fit a quality product. Good tyres are an investment that keep you safe and happy.

Michelin has a vast range of tyres so there is something to suit your vehicle, lifestyle, and budget. Perhaps, for instance, you want to corner with total confidence in a powerful sports car. Choose a sporty tyre that helps, then. Alternatively, pick something optimised for harsh conditions such as snow, ice, and mud. Or would you like a compound that minimises fuel consumption?


The Michelin Pilot Sport 4 is a sporty tyre and among the prospects. As the name suggests, its purpose is to make your car feel responsive, alert, and intuitively linked to your subconscious. Expect ‘sheer driving pleasure’, the manufacturer says.

Michelin Tyres Performance, Longevity & Value for Money in 2019 Image 1

Tricky terrain

The Michelin CrossClimate is ‘never stuck in snow’ and winter certified (3PMSF), the manufacturer reveals. What better compound for cruising through snowy, slippery, mountain ranges with all-wheel-drive? And it seems customers rate it highly, too. 97% ‘recommend’ it. The CrossClimate has also won an independent award.

Fuel consumption

The Michelin Energy XM2’s role is to minimise fuel consumption which saves you money. It simultaneously reduces your car’s emissions. Expect 20% ‘more mileage’ than a leading rival, the company claims. The key to this success is low rolling resistance which minimises how much energy is required to make the tyre spin.

Michelin Tyres Performance, Longevity & Value for Money in 2019 Image 0

Questions answered online

Michelin is a company that continues to support you even years after you purchase tyres. It recognises that you might have concerns and/or questions, for example. Rather, therefore, than fob you off to a third party there is lots of information on its website that offers context, clarity of thought, and peace of mind.

Perhaps you suspect the sidewall of your tyre is damaged, for instance. Pictures therefore show what is normal – such as a slight indentation – and what is problematic. Bulges suggest the tyre has a structural fault that is dangerous, for example. Maybe it was damaged by a pothole. There is further information that relates to:

  • Tyre pressure, e.g. too low reduces the tyre’s life
  • Punctures, e.g. what kind of fault can be repaired
  • Poor balance, e.g. causes the vehicle to vibrate
  • Age, e.g. when to replace the tyre and why
  • Bad habits, e.g. the type of driving that is damaging

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