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Mini Countryman Electric: Things you need to know

By Jack Evans | March 8, 2024


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The Mini Countryman is now in its third generation and for the first time, it’s available with an all-electric powertrain.

Mini Countryman Electric: Things you need to know

The Mini Countryman is now in its third generation and for the first time, it’s available with an all-electric powertrain.

The original Countryman went on sale in 2010 and in that time it has been a huge success for Mini. Not only is it the biggest car in its model line-up but it allowed Mini to enter into the ultra-successful crossover segment for the first time. 

With this new third-generation car, the Countryman gains some world exclusive technology and now it’s bigger and more luxurious than before. Here are all the things you need to know about it.

It will have a range of up to 287 miles

Not only does the new Mini Countryman electric have a range of up to 287 miles but it will also be available in two power outputs.

The standard car will come with a 64.7 kWh battery capacity and will give a claimed range of up to 287 miles. Combined with a 201bhp electric motor, this ‘regular’ Countryman electric will go from 0-60mph time of 8.4 seconds and will reach a top speed of 105 mph

The second power output will come with a 308bhp motor with 494Nm of torque and will have an electric range of up to 269 miles. Zero to 60mph will take 5.4 seconds and it’ll also feature a top speed of 111 mph.

Three trim levels are available

When the new Mini Countryman electric goes on sale, it will be available in three different flavours. 

The entry-level Classic will start at £42,080 and bring a heated steering wheel, electronic tailgate, sat-nav, forward collision warning and DAB radio.

The next model up is the Exclusive which starts from £44,580 and adds larger alloy wheels, sports steering wheel and anthracite roof lining.

Top-of-the-range Sport starts from £45,780 and adds black alloy wheels, painted brake callipers and sports seats.

It comes with ‘Hey Mini!’

What is Hey Mini!? It is the brand’s first-ever voice assistance. It works by the driver saying ‘Hey Mini!’ or using the button located on the steering wheel. When this happens, the car’s voice recognition will spring into life and allow commands to control various aspects of the car such as satellite navigation entries or the selected radio station. 

It features the world’s first OLED display

The new Countryman electric will be the first car ever to offer an OLED display.

The upper half of the screen will feature vehicle stats like battery and speed information whereas the lower section houses the navigation screen, media, phone and climate functions. It’s all housed within a circular display which looks to resemble the speedo fitted to the original ‘classic’ Mini. 

Mini’s new Operating System 9

The Countryman Electric will feature Mini’s new Operating System 9 which has been created in collaboration with Android. 

Its purpose is to give 3D visualisation from maps and navigation while displaying complicated turning situations, current traffic levels and assistance with parking information on parking and payment methods.

It can also make charge-optimised routes for the Mini Countryman Electric after entering a destination, plotting out the ideal places to top-up when you’re on the go.

Advance assistance systems

The latest driving assistance systems on the new Countryman electric include semi-automatic driving at speeds of up to 37mph. 

Automatic active cruise control is available when the Countryman is ordered with the optional Driver Assistant Plus package, while the Parking Assistant Professional pack adds in automatic parking functions and a 360-degree camera, The vehicle can also be manoeuvred out of a space via smartphone with the remote parking function.

Mini experience modes

An array of different driving modes are available with the new Countryman electric. Core, green, go-kart, personal, vivid, timeless, trail and balance are all modes that the driver can switch between. 

Go-kart mode has been featured in Mini’s before and it’s there to make the driving experience feel a lot sportier, while keeping that Mini agility.

The new all-electric Mini Countryman is on sale now, and just like its predecessor, will be rivalling cars like the Audi Q3 and BMW X1. It will also be available with conventional petrol engines alongside the electric version.

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