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MINI Engine Oil Service £99 Special Offer for 2018

By Stephen Turvil | October 15, 2018


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MINI Oil Service £99 special offer, the purpose of oil plus reasons to trust the manufacturer to care for your vehicle

MINI Engine Oil Service £99 Special Offer for 2018

Purpose of engine oil

The MINI Engine Oil Service ensures your car works at peak efficiency, extends its lifespan, and costs from only £99 via an offer that expires December 31st 2018. Such maintenance also maximises the car’s resale value as experienced, knowledgeable, buyers pay a premium for service history. But why so many benefits?

The answer to this question is straightforward. It is that oil performs a range of critical tasks and the engine cannot survive without it. The first is to lubricate the internal components to minimise friction. They then run smoothly. Furthermore, less friction equates to less wear which extends your engine’s lifespan.

Oil also stops the engine overheating (alongside other parts and fluids). Such cooling is important. If, after all, the engine overheats significantly the journey ends on the spot. Furthermore, in an extreme case your engine is damaged beyond economical repair.

Recognise that the engine gets dirty, too. Why? Because its internal components – despite lubrication - rub against each other and bits flake off. Burning fuel in the cylinders creates further debris. The oil collects such mess and it is contained by a filter.

Benefits of new oil

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The MINI Engine Oil Service replaces your oil and filter. Why bother? Because new oil more effectively lubricates, cools and cleans than its old counterpart. On this basis, such work is an investment to keep your vehicle at its best rather than an expense.

The manufacturer also ensures that your vehicle has the correct amount of oil. Too little is clearly a problem – but so is too much. If, therefore, the level is far too high the oil can be whipped into foam via the crankshaft which is a large, spinning, component at the bottom of the engine. Whipped oil is less capable.


MINI is best placed to maintain your vehicle as it designed, built and sold it. It therefore knows it best. Furthermore, the manufacturer uses a special, approved, engine oil rather than any off the shelf counterpart that might not be so suitable. MINI said:

“MINI engine oil has been specially formulated to give your engine a long and healthy life. It is the engine oil we use when servicing your MINI - because it is the only one tested and approved by us.”

How to book MINI Engine Oil Service

The MINI Engine Oil Service can be booked by phone or online. For the latter, simply enter your vehicle’s registration number and mileage to get started. Then confirm your details and your favoured dealership. “Your MINI expert is just a stone’s throw away”, the manufacturer stated.

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