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Mitsubishi Give the Outlander-PHEV Mid-life Enhancements

By Phil Gardner | September 22, 2019


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The Outlander PHEV range has been given a big revamp in terms of its pricing and spec lineup to offer even more value to potential hybrid buyers

The Outlander PHEV is a high-tech piece of kit and it’s also a pretty sizeable vehicle, so you will be shocked to know that it starts from a very reasonable £35,455. That’s far cheaper than any other hybrid vehicles of this size, and it’s competitive with premium plug-in hatchbacks, so already you know you’re getting a lot of metal for your money.

The Outlander PHEV is not just good value to buy, but it’s also very affordable to run and own. When driven to its most economical standard, Mitsubishi reckons you can get 139.7 miles to the gallon while emitting only 46g/km of CO2 - which is very polar bear friendly.

Better still, if your commute is under 14 miles away, you could theoretically get to work and back every day without touching a drop of liquid fossils, thanks to the Outlander PHEVs electric-only range of 28 miles.

So, what’s new with this revised approach to the model lineup?

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There is now 6 variants of the Outlander PHEV to choose from, giving buyers more choice than ever before. In ascending order, the trim levels are as follows; Verve, Design, Dynamic, Dynamic Safety, Exceed and Exceed Safety. These range from £35,455 for the Verve up to £43,455 for the Exceed Safety - and those prices include the first year of Vehicle Excise Duty and registration fee.

To give you an idea of standard kit, the Verve comes with DAB radio, heated front seats, dual-zone climate control, keyless operation, rear parking sensors, a spoiler, cruise control, LED daytime lights, electric folding mirrors, automatic headlamps and a programmable climate control system that can warm or cool the car in advance of a journey. All of that is entry-level. Impressive, don’t you think?

Go up a notch to Design trim (£36,455) and you get 18-inch alloys, a new 8-inch display with smartphone integration for both Apple and Android devices and a reversing camera. Not bad for just £1,000 extra.

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Then comes the Design Safety spec (£41,055) and for this, you get forward-collision mitigation technology, lane departure alerts, adaptive cruise control, front and rear parking sensors and automatic high-beam lighting. This tech is also added on to the top-spec Exceed to make the Exceed Safety pack.

Right at the top of the hierarchy is the Exceed and Exceed safety spec. With the Exceed (£40,955) you get integrated TomTom sat-nav, diamond-quilted leather, LED fog light,s LED headlights, LEF high beams, a 360-degree camera, power tailgate and a heated steering wheel. You won’t be asking for much more from a car than is provided within this trim level.

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Mitsubishi have registered almost 50,000 Outlander PHEV models in the UK since it was launched in 2014, making it the UK’s most popular plug-in hybrid on the market, which is extremely impressive considering it is an SUV. A recent survey conducted by Mitsubishi found that customers achieve half their weekly mileage in electric-only mode with 90% of owners charging their PHEVs 2 or 3 times per week. 83% of current Outlander PHEV owners would recommend their beloved hybrids to their family and friends.

So, what do you think? Tempted? Plenty of motorists have made the jump to a hybrid vehicle and it seems that very few people regret leaving traditionally powered alternatives behind. If you think the Outlander PHEV might be the one for you, then why not take a test drive?

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