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More details revealed about new MINI Cooper EV with NINE interior modes

By Tom Gibson | August 21, 2023


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First details and all-new operation system revealed from hotly anticipated hatch ahead of its 2024 arrival

More details revealed about new MINI Cooper EV with NINE interior modes

MINI has revealed details about the eye-catching interior of its new Cooper EV that is creating headlines ahead of its arrival in the UK next year.

The model will officially go on sale next May and MINI has revealed more details about its upgraded infotainment system, providing insights into the innovative features that accompany its newly designed cabin.

The car proudly showcases its all-new Operating System 9 software, which controls the infotainment and various driving aspects through a sleek 9.4-inch round OLED display at the centre of the dashboard.

Designed In-House and Powered by Android

MINI has developed this cutting-edge technology in-house, crafting it around Android software. This exciting development opens up a world of personalised options and one of the standout features is MINI's Experience Modes, designed to create an immersive driving experience.

These modes adjust the LED lighting inside the cabin, including projections on the fabric dashtop if equipped with the light projector. These lighting changes, combined with new sound signatures, transform the cabin atmosphere based on the chosen mode.

Core Mode: The Default Setting

The default Core mode introduces new driving sounds that can be heard both inside and outside the car and is designed to help improve pedestrian safety as well.

Go-Kart Mode: Embrace Sportiness

Think of Go-Kart mode as a sportier option. It not only enhances the car's dynamic response but also changes the interior LED lighting to anthracite and red, giving a sporty feel. The central display, known as the MINI Interaction Unit, showcases a racier-looking speedometer readout, accompanied by a distinctive sound signature.

Green Mode: Focus on Efficiency

Naturally, green mode focusses on efficiency by adjusting the car's accelerator response and changing the ambient LED lighting to a calming colour. The screen displays animated animal graphics that indicate the level of driving efficiency achieved.

Balanced Mode: Nature-Inspired Soundscape

Inspired by nature, Balanced mode replicates the sounds heard in a forest throughout the day and night – from the sound of a flowing stream to the rustling of leaves in the wind.

Timeless Mode: Classic Charm

Timeless mode brings back the classic Mini speedometer on the screen and blends the original car's A-Series engine sound with the exhaust note of iconic MINI models.

Vivid Mode: Media Presentation

Vivid mode enhances media content presentation, displaying cover artwork for music being played.

Personal Mode: Make It Yours

In Personal mode, users can upload a background photo of their choice. The system then detects the main colour from the picture and extends it across the screen for seamless integration.

Intelligent Personal Assistant – "Hey MINI"

The new intelligent personal assistant responds when you say "Hey MINI." This assistant can take the form of a stylized MINI or Spike, a dog-like character. It can provide weather updates for a destination, suggest food or coffee options, and even recommend nearby places to eat and drink.

Charging Convenience and Route Optimization

The system can display charging stations along your route and prioritize charge-optimized routing for electric MINIs, utilizing live data of charging stations to maximize energy and time efficiency.

Fancy taking one for a spin? We’ll let you know as soon a they’re available for test drive.

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