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Motability Scheme

By Tim Barnes-Clay | April 18, 2023


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Most of us may have heard of the Motability Scheme, but many of us might need to learn more about it and who can access it.

Motability Scheme

Motability is a charity with over 650,000 customers in the United Kingdom and, in essence, allows disabled people to lease a new car using their disability benefits.

So, if you get the enhanced rate of the personal independence payment or disability living allowance, you're eligible. Alternatively, if you live in Scotland and receive the higher rate of the adult or child disability payment, or if you're a UK veteran who gets the armed forces independence payment or war pensioners' mobility supplement, you qualify for the Motability Scheme.

You can also use the Scheme for powered wheelchairs and scooters, but we're focusing on the cars – and here's just a handful of the ones on offer.

Vauxhall Corsa & Corsa-E

Vauxhall's Corsa has been getting better and better in recent years – and now you can choose to have the all-electric version on the Motability Scheme, too.

The interior is okay, albeit a little dated compared with some of its competitors. But it's a worthy small car that provides plenty of refinement.

With a choice of a 1.2-litre engine producing 75, 100 or 130PS, there are many options to suit all tastes, offering a lovely blend of sharp handling and ride comfort.

Corsas tend to be cheap to run, too, and you can cut day-to-day running costs further by opting for the electric Corsa-E.

Peugeot 408

If you're after something funkier and larger, the Peugeot 408 could be right up your automotive alley.

With aggressive, futuristic looks that arguably border on ostentatious, the 408 is good to drive and comes generously equipped as standard.

The interior has a surprisingly attractive vibe, and as a reasonably large crossover, it's a great halfway house for those who need something between a family hatchback and an SUV.

As a result, the 408 is spacious inside and comes with a choice of a 130PS petrol engine and two plug-in hybrids that produce 180 and 225PS.

Citroen e-C4

If you’re looking to minimise your carbon footprint, one environmentally friendly car which might appeal is the fully electric Citroen e-C4.

The model is more modest than the Peugeot 408 and a touch more compact, but it swanks a blend of funky looks and family-friendliness. It is a similar story on the inside, thanks to a functional and futuristic cabin that's just a bit short on outright luxuries.

The Citroen is also very comfortable to drive, which will suit those who need to minimise a bumpy ride. Additionally, thanks to the lack of a combustion engine, it's serenely quiet, too.

With 135PS, due to its electric motor, the e-C4 isn't the best choice for those who like to have fun behind the wheel, but it's reasonably practical and well-equipped.


No UK car leasing scheme would be complete without the MINI, even if it is more German than British these days.

Still outlasting the test of time, the BMW-engineered vehicle remains as attractive and fashionable as ever.

With a range of options, including three-door and five-door versions depending on your needs, it comes complete with a fantastic interior and excellent handling.

The keen agility comes at a price, though, as ride comfort is slightly compromised, and the driving position is relatively low to the ground. Meanwhile, the three-door version only has two seats in the back.

On the plus side, though, the MINI has a range of well-refined engines that produce between 136 and 231PS, depending on which version you select.

Hyundai Ioniq 5

The Hyundai Ioniq 5 is a deceiver because it looks like a small-ish futuristic version of the original Volkswagen Golf GTi.

But it's much bigger than that – and you'll likely be taken aback by its bulk when you see it in the metal compared with the photos.

The Ioniq 5 comes with a chiselled design, matrix LED headlights, and special aerodynamically efficient alloy wheels.

It is all-electric, too, with a minimalistic but futuristic interior, where you'll find what looks like two elongated tablets sitting behind the steering wheel.

The Ioniq 5 is also a show-off when it comes to handling, has very quick charging speeds and delivers good range. What's more, the Hyundai sports a spacious cabin and nippy acceleration, with even the entry-level version producing 170PS.


While you can choose to make an upfront payment towards the cost of leasing a car through the Motability Scheme, some vehicles are available without any advance charge.

Although this list gives you an idea of the sorts of cars you could be driving away in, this is just a flavour as, at the time of writing, there are around 400 vehicles on the Scheme offered from over 25 different manufacturers.

Some desirable brands, such as Audi and BMW, are offered, but they, along with some other automakers, don't offer their full range through the Motability Scheme.

Nevertheless, whether you’re looking for big or small, short or tall, practicality or performance, comfort or handling, there's an extensive selection of cars to choose from.

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