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Motor Industry More Prepared than Ever Before as Britain Enters Third Lockdown

By Phil Gardner | January 7, 2021


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New car sales can continue in third nationwide lockdown thanks to innovative solutions...

Motor Industry More Prepared than Ever Before as Britain Enters Third Lockdown

Well if you haven’t heard by now, Boris Johnson has instructed the population to enter our third - and hopefully final - lockdown. It comes at a time where the ‘new strain’ is running rampant through our population and hospitals are being put under immense stress. While the end is in sight, with the vaccines being rolled out across the country at a rapid rate, it’s clear that there is a tough few months ahead for us all as individuals and across the country as a collective.

While it may feel like we’re back at square one, let it be clear that we enter this third lockdown far more prepared than we were in March of 2020. The automotive industry, like many other industries, has adapted to remote working, socially distant transactions and COVID-secure efficiency.

We want to reassure our readers that this doesn’t need to put a halt to your car buying, maintaining or servicing habits. The automotive industry is not stopping. All non-essential retail has closed, but your local dealerships will still have staff ready to take a phone call and launch an enquiry.

Motor Industry More Prepared than Ever Before as Britain Enters Third Lockdown Image

Ok, you can’t go down to a dealership and spend your time walking around the forecourt, but you don’t need to any more. In the last 12 months, manufacturers have invested heavily in their online car buying platforms. You can now spec, source and even finance a vehicle all from your living room. Car dealers are ready to listen to enquiries, offer solutions and ensure that you can get behind the wheel of a new car as soon as you feel comfortable. 

In the first lockdown, deliveries of new vehicles were ceased, showrooms were closed and salespeople were literally not allowed to work as part of the terms of their furlough. That’s not the case any more. 

The industry has come up with innovative solutions to keep the wheels turning for car buyers and, because click-and-collect is allowed for car buyers in this third lockdown, you needn’t bother dithering about buying your next car. You won’t be allowed on to the premises when you go to collect the vehicle, but contactless collections are available and a large number of dealers will deliver the vehicle to your address.

It goes without saying that there’s no point in guessing when these restrictions will be lifted, but it is very much clear that the end is in sight. Are you currently in the market for a new vehicle? If so, is the new lockdown preventing you from buying a car? Similarly, if you’ve bought a new vehicle while living under COVID restrictions, let us know your thoughts on the buying process in the comments section below.

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