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Motorist thought he could fill his car for £1 after petrol pump ‘error’ left red faced

By Tom Gibson | June 30, 2022


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A rather naïve motorist thought Tesco were kind enough to offer some respite from the cost of living crisis by offering fuel for £1.

Motorist thought he could fill his car for £1 after petrol pump ‘error’ left red faced

Mike thought he was onto a winner when he returned from filling his car to see he’d only been charged £1 by Tesco for doing so.

He quickly dashed back with another car to find the same charge had been applied when filling up a second car, and to his delight he began sharing the news on his Facebook page so others could join in the fun.

Mike, who then returned with another two cars to take advantage of this ‘too good to be true’ offer was then left a little red faced to hear the £1 charge was merely a holding cost, with the remaining balance expected to be withdrawn in the coming days.

Writing on Facebook, Mike said: "So thought it was my lucky day today as put a tenner of fuel in and noticed it only took £1 on my card so went back round and filled it right up. Again just a £1 taken. Went home and swapped cars over and filled that up and another £1 so filled the last car up and another £1. Thinking it was my lucky day and 3 cars full for £4 so put it on a couple of chats i am in letting people know."

However, Mike's bubble was soon burst as someone pointed out that the bargain didn't exist but he was quick to see the funny side: "What a w***er I am. Thought it was too good to be true. Never get anything in life for free and I don’t know how I managed to get this far In life."

Nice try, Mike!

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