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Mystery waiting to be unlocked as key fobs stop working at Tesco

By Tom Gibson | March 2, 2021


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Hertfordshire Police has said it has dealt with around 100 reports of people being locked out of their cars at Tesco in Royston.

Mystery waiting to be unlocked as key fobs stop working at Tesco

The mystery is yet to be unlocked, but the police said the incident "was not being treated as malicious intent".

In a Facebook post, police went on to say: "For reasons yet unknown, there appears to be an issue in this area with key fobs not functioning correctly."

There have been previous worries which focus on radio jamming devices blocking signals for remote central locking, as well of scores of reports linking keyless technology to car theft over the last few years. 

PC Taranvir Gill said: "If you have any problems accessing your vehicle, please do not panic...In the first instance, you go to the Tesco customer service desk and ask to speak to the on-duty manager to make them aware you are having difficulties getting into your vehicle as they are aware of the process to follow."

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