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New Audi RS 3 For 2021 revealed

By Stephen Turvil | July 22, 2021


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The new Audi RS 3 is immensely powerful, fast and practical enough to use every day

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The 2021 Audi RS 3 blasts your socks off. It is that fast. It's also practical enough to take kids to school, pop to the supermarket, and get granny to the doctor as there is room for the family.

New Audi RS 3 For 2021 revealed Image


The Audi RS 3 has a 2.5 litre, five-cylinder, petrol engine that produces 400PS and 500Nm of torque. Expect 0 to 62mph in 3.8 seconds. The top speed depends on what specification you pick: RS 3, Carbon, Launch Edition, or Vorsprung. The RS 3 is limited to 155mph. Higher-spec models reach 174mph. In addition, the RS Dynamic Package adds ceramic brakes and raises the speed to 180mph.

New Audi RS 3 For 2021 revealed Image


The 2.5 litre engine is teamed with seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. The gearbox suits everyday scenarios and the racetrack. Leave it in full auto whilst driving to work in heavy traffic, for instance. In contrast, pick gears manually via paddles behind the steering wheel if you want to get more involved. 

Torque splitter

The Audi RS 3 has a torque splitter to reduce understeer and oversteer. In simple terms, it adjusts how much of the engine’s power is sent to each of the rear wheels. \If the car is turning left, for example, more power can be sent to the right wheel to minimise understeer and help the car turn in.

The torque splitter has a contrasting purpose. It can make it easier for the vehicle to oversteer and ‘drift’. The premise is simple. All the engine’s power is sent to one rear wheel. Naturally, the manufacturer is not encouraging anyone to use this setting on a public road. It is for ‘closed off tracks’, it stated.

New Audi RS 3 For 2021 revealed Image


The 2021 Audi RS 3 has other performance features. Highlights include six-piston steel brakes that ensure it stops in a heartbeat. You can have red or black callipers to complement the discs. You can alternatively upgrade to top-spec, lighter, and ventilated ceramic brakes then choose grey, red, or blue callipers. 

New Audi RS 3 For 2021 revealed Image

Styling and interior

The Audi RS 3 has sporty styling to ensure it stands out at the racetrack and the shops. The huge grille is particularly noticeable. The interior is stylish too. It has sports seats, memorable fabrics, a flat bottom steering wheel, nicely contrasting colours, and digital instrumentation. The cabin has a premium vibe.

New Audi RS 3 For 2021 revealed Image

Price and availability

The Audi RS 3 costs from £50,900 and can be ordered from August 2021, in the UK. 

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