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New Dacia Spring Electric: Most Affordable Electric Car In Europe

By Stephen Turvil | October 27, 2020


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Dacia Spring Electric maximum range, power, and equipment overview as the manufacturer prepares to launch its new electric car.

New Dacia Spring Electric: Most Affordable Electric Car In Europe

The Dacia Spring Electric is the new, fully electric, city class hatchback that is likely to be the most affordable electric vehicle in Europe from its launch in 2021, the manufacturer suggested. Furthermore, you can expect a trio of models to pick from. There is the standard city car, a version tailored for car sharing companies, and a cargo van for tradespeople. Let us summarise the set.

City car

New Dacia Spring Electric: Most Affordable Electric Car In Europe Image

The Dacia Spring Electric is the size of a typical city car so it can manoeuvre easily in busy, congested cities. However, the styling is more muscular than most alternatives. Its look is therefore reminiscent of a sports-utility vehicle thanks to its high ground clearance, wide wheel arches, and roof bars. Dacia summarises the exterior styling as ‘sturdy’ and says it has a ‘strong personality’.  

The Dacia Spring Electric is propelled by a zero emission electric motor that produces 33 kW (44 hp). Maximum range is 140 miles per-charge via the 26.8 kWh battery. Once flat, there are multiple ways/speeds to charge. These include:

2.3 kW household socket (100% charge in less than 14 hours)

7.4 kW wallbox (100% charge in less than 5 hours)

30 kW public charger (80% charge in less than 1 hour).

The Dacia Spring Electric also has a pleasing equipment specification for the class. Automatic emergency braking, for example. This complements the multitude of airbags,  speed limiter, and automatic headlights. Optional extras include manual air-conditioning and electric mirrors. There is also a multimedia system that adds sat-nav, digital radio, and a touchscreen (among other things).

Car sharing

New Dacia Spring Electric: Most Affordable Electric Car In Europe Image

The Dacia Spring Electric caters for the car share market, too. Such a service incorporates a fleet of cars within a city, for example. As required, you book a car via a smartphone application. You then find it on the street and complete your journey. Once finished, you leave the car on the street for the next person.

There is therefore a car sharing variant that has relevant features. The doors can be unlocked via a smartphone rather than a key, for example. This complements the stain resistant seats (black artificial leather), sat-nav, parking sensors, floor mats, plus door mirrors and handles which have greater durability.


The Dacia Spring Electric Cargo is the version for tradespeople, the manufacturer said. The rear seats have therefore been swapped for a large cargo bay. There is also robust plastic lining on the cargo bay floor, anchor points, and a mesh safety grille to separate you from your cargo. The load length is 1,033 mm and the maximum payload is 325 kg. What a nice little van.  


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