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New Ford Van Deals and Finance Offers on the Transit & Transit Custom

By Phil Gardner | October 15, 2019


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New Ford Van Deals and Finance Offers on the Transit & Transit Custom
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The Transit really is the be-all and end-all of light goods vehicles. Its reputation on British roads has got to a point where people just call any old van they see a ‘Transit’, much like how some people call any 4x4 a ‘Jeep’. The Transit is the working man's workhorse. A noble and under-appreciated servant that fundamentally keeps the cogs of our country turning. Now, there is stiffer competition than ever before with European and Japanese manufacturers having a pop at the LGV market. Happily, the Transit is in the prime of its career thanks to a huge range of options and body shapes as well as the exceptional engine choices which were introduced in 2016.

Practicality is obviously the main selling point of any LGV. Ford reckons that there are up to 450 ways to spec a Transit, as it's available as a tipper truck, panel van, flatbed and so on, but here are some key figures for you to play with…

New Ford Van Deals and Finance Offers Image 0

The maximum gross vehicle weight goes from 2.9 tonnes all the way up 4.7 tonnes in the Transit Jumbo - so it’s pretty much good to carry whatever you can fit in the back of it. In terms of load space, the total load volumes vary from 9.6 cubic metres all the way up to 15.1 cubic metres.

With the brand new model of the Transit (which starts at £26,490 + VAT) Ford has increased the brains of the car while maintaining the brawn. A new rear-loading step means that getting cargo up to 3 metres long into the back is effortless, and the sliding door is now taller and wider than before too. In the cabin, the front seats are just as elevated and comfortable as before, and Ford has put in their new touch screen functionality for the in-car entertainment.

Ford is offering 4 year Business Contract Hire offers & test drives for business users as seen below:

  • New Transit 310 Limited L2 H2 2.0 130PS FWD Auto - £300 a month + £1,800 initial rental   
  • New Transit 350 Trend L3 H2 2.0 130PS FWD - £327 a month + £1,962 initial rental

The Transit Custom

New Ford Van Deals and Finance Offers Image 1

If the full-fat Transit is a bit too much for what you need, the Custom is a very attractive compromise which Ford claims ‘is more refined and sophisticated than ever before.’ The Custom was given a fresh facelift in 2018 which means it is packed with the latest features and technology. It’s not too tech-y though, the Custom does get the dash-mounted touch screen and a slightly more luxurious interior, but it’s clear that everything is still very hard wearing and durable, as a workers chariot should be.

In the back, the Transit Custom has class-leading loading space in the medium-sized van sector. The short wheelbase model with the standard roof height has 6 cubic metres of cargo capacity, while the long-wheelbase model with the heightened roof takes up to 8.3 cubic metres of cargo. The load-carrying capacity of the Custom is as good as best-in-class too as the gross vehicle maximum vehicle weight varies from 2.6 tonnes to 3.4 tonnes. Does that tick the boxes that you demand from a van? We thought it might…

The Transit Custom is available now as a van, double cab van and a combi, with prices starting from £22,840 + VAT, but obviously there are countless specifications and body shapes to order for both the Transit and the Transit Custom, so take a new model for a test drive and see which one ticks the right boxes for your job.

Ford is offering 4 year Business Contract Hire offers & test drives for business users as seen below:

  • Custom Limited 280 L1 H1 2.0 130PS - £275 a month + £1,650initial rental
  • Custom Sport 290 L1 H1 2.0 185PS - £314 a month + £1,884 initial rental

All prices exclude VAT. Finance subject to status. 18s+. T&Cs apply.

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