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New Hyundai Promise Approved Used Car Scheme: Buy With Confidence

By Stephen Turvil | August 25, 2020


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Hyundai Promise overview as this new, comprehensive, used car scheme helps you choose the right vehicle.

New Hyundai Promise Approved Used Car Scheme: Buy With Confidence

Hyundai Promise is a new, comprehensive used car scheme that ensures your vehicle is safe, honest, backed by a warranty, and ready to face the toughest challenge. And quite right, too. How else can you trust it to meet expectations? How else can you feel confident on the road? Let us therefore summarise the scheme’s benefits. 

Safety, condition and history checks

Hyundai Promise incorporates a safety and condition check. This ensures that your vehicle is in excellent condition throughout. It has to be more than that, though. The manufacturer therefore gets an independent, third party history report. This proves, for example, that the car is not stolen or subject to someone else’s outstanding finance. These documents are ready for your inspection.

New Hyundai Promise Approved Used Car Scheme: Buy With Confidence Image

Warranty and roadside assistance

The Hyundai Promise 18 month warranty provides further peace of mind (minimum period). As such, a technician is on standby to correct any niggles. Simply hand over the key and relax. Furthermore, expect 12 months roadside assistance that includes home start, replacement vehicle hire, plus overnight accommodation. 

Exchange agreement

Hyundai Promise recognises that you might buy a car, but later decide it is not right for you. Perhaps it is too wide for your garage. There is no need to live with such compromises. Why? Because you can exchange your vehicle within the first 30 days / 1,000 miles. Just pick an alternative which has equal/higher value. 

Hyundai Promise includes other benefits. For example:

  • flexible finance solutions (choose from a wide range of finance offers that include low monthly instalments, competitive interest rates, and affordable deposits)
  • guaranteed trade-in offer (receive a fair price for your current vehicle)
  • free driveaway motor insurance (guarantees your used car is insured – at no cost to you – from the moment of collection)
  • £250 excess cover (this voucher contributes towards your insurance excess if you make a claim)
  • electric car experts (electric cars represent the future of motoring, so the manufacturer has taken steps to ensure your sales representative clearly explains the characteristics, strengths, and limitations of this exciting new powertrain.

Hyundai Motor UK Managing Director, Ashley Andrew, praised these initiatives and implied they are an evolution of the company’s existing innovations. He said: ‘Hyundai was one of the first manufacturers to introduce a generous 5 year warranty on new cars. This is founded upon absolute confidence in our products. With Hyundai Promise, we have an approved used offering that delivers the same kind of peace-of-mind to customers’, Mr Andrew emphasised.

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