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New Mercedes-Benz EQXX electric car completes a 626-mile journey across Europe on one charge

By Tom Gibson | April 25, 2022


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Staggeringly, the car still had 15% battery remaining

New Mercedes-Benz EQXX electric car completes a 626-mile journey across Europe on one charge
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As electric technology continually develops and records seem to be broken almost monthly, the team have been able to drive their Vision EQXX concept EV from Stuttgart to the South of France in a 12-hour non-stop trip spanning over 600 miles.

And they did it comfortably, too with 15% of charge left in their back pocket, meaning the total distance it would’ve been able to travel easily over 700 miles on a single charge.

That's more than 250 miles better than the longest-range car available on the market today, another Mercedes-Benz, the EQS, that has claimed range of over 450 miles but costs six figures.

Despite the amazing range of the EQXX, which would mean the average UK motorists wouldn’t need to recharge for at least one month, our own recent research showed the range continues to be a massive issue for Regit motorists when considering a switch to electric.

In our recent survey, we found that 70% have fears about range as the big issues for manufacturers is that the majority of these models are predictably at the top end of the market.

The big issue with range, or apparent lack of it, is ranges are typically relatively low when we compare directly with price.

If you go to the more ‘affordable’ end of the market, consumers with £20,000 - £30,000 or around £500 per month to spend, are seeing range as a serious barrier.

Consumer options there are very inner-city focussed with attractive options from Fiat, Smart and MINI, but none of which top the 200 miles per charge barrier. These range figures are enough to create serious doubt for consumers who can, even in today’s market, get plenty of car for that cost with the added comfort and familiarity the internal combustion engine still provides.

So although there is work to do to help alleviate concerns of range, it has to be said the EQXX is a massive step in the right direction. That’s because the battery it uses a 100kWh battery, which is 50 per cent smaller and 30 per cent lighter than what's on the market at the moment, meaning it can be used in more compact cars if necessary.

It has been developed with the help of the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team, with the brains behind Lewis Hamilton's recent Formula One success providing their expertise to develop the EQXX's electric drive system.

To support the battery, there are the 117 solar cells on the Mercedes' roof that feed into a 12-volt battery to power non-drivetrain electronics, such as the infotainment screen and interior lighting.

This saves the main battery's capacity exclusively for driving, with bosses claiming the solar panels add around 16 miles of range on a 621-mile trip.

As well as a lighter battery, the EQXX has a featherweight construction that means it weighs 1.7 tonnes - that's similar to your VW Golf and Ford Focus.

Let us know how you feel about range in the comments below.

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