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New MG Electric Sports Car For 2021: Fast & Zero Emission

By Stephen Turvil | January 5, 2021


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MG Motors to launch a fast, zero emission, electric sports car in 2021 based on its stunning E-Motion concept.

New MG Electric Sports Car For 2021: Fast & Zero Emission

Fantastic news! The MG E-Motion is the fast, stylish, electric concept car that is now evolving into a production vehicle that launches in 2021. It is likely to make motorists re-evaluate the brand that has recently been more associated with practical, low cost, everyday vehicles than sports cars that make your pulse race.  


Whereas details are sketchy this far from launch, there are drawings and rumours that suggest what to expect. Consider the car’s styling, for example. The drawings suggest it is curvaceous, that it has a big grille, and wide rear haunches. This unnamed vehicle might therefore be reminiscent of an Aston Martin Vanquish.

Furthermore, this electric sports car is rumoured to have all-wheel-drive for superior traction, twin electric motors, and to charge to 62 mph in less than 4 seconds. There is also the suggestion that its maximum range is 300 miles if the battery is fully charged. Such figures impress if true. Other rumours include:  

sold in most of the manufacturer’s markets (including UK)

capable of connecting to the internet

marketed at young fashion conscious motorists

low price tag for a fast electric sports car.

New MG Electric Sports Car For 2021: Fast & Zero Emission Image

MG Motor UK is investing heavily in electric vehicles as they look set to become increasingly popular. In fact, it expects its electric vehicle sales to ‘overtake’ petrol for the first time in 2021. ‘Customer acceptance and demand for EVs has grown as battery range has gone up and cost has come down’, a spokesperson revealed.


MG Motor therefore has electric cars available now. Consider the MG5 EV, for example. This estate car’s maximum range is 214 miles per-charge which is decent. Also, the battery can be charged from 0 to 80% in only 50 minutes once connected to a quick charger (50kW).  

The MG5 EV has further traits the manufacturer is keen to emphasise. Space, for starters. There is room for 5 people and the cargo capacity is 578 litres. Further expect 156PS, plenty of equipment, and automatic transmission. New prices start at £24,495.


The MG ZS EV is the alternative. This electric crossover has more muscular, off-road styling than its sibling but is slightly smaller. Furthermore, it has 143PS and the maximum range is 163 miles per-charge. It can also be charged to 80% in 40 minutes via a 50kW charger. Standard equipment includes the: 8” touchscreen, air-conditioning, cruise control, plus keyless entry. All from £25,495.


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