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New MINI 48 Hour Test Drive for 2018

By Stephen Turvil | October 2, 2018


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New MINI range overview as the manufacturer lets you test drive a vehicle over days to fully evaluate its strengths

New MINI 48 Hour Test Drive for 2018

MINI range shared qualities

The MINI 48 Hour Test Drive enables you to evaluate your favoured vehicle over a couple of days rather than minutes, fall in love with its cheerful character and discover how it can further optimise your lifestyle. “Who’s in?”, the motor manufacturer asked.

Whichever car you test drive from the manufacturer’s range it shares core strengths with its siblings. Highlights include the: go-kart handling, robust build quality, striking looks, pleasing equipment specification, low running costs and the fashionable badge. Furthermore, it has its own purpose within the range plus related strengths that ensure it succeeds. Note your options below.

MINI 3-Door Hatch

New MINI 48 Hour Test Drive for 2018 Image 0

The MINI 3-Door Hatch is among the prospects. Its purpose is to excel in town where space is limited, parking is tricky and life is fast. Strengths that ensure it suits this environment include the rear-view camera that makes it easy to manoeuvre. Park like a pro to meet friends for coffee, for example.

This fashion statement has sat-nav and real-time traffic information to help you find your way through any complicated, twisty, streets. 3-Door Hatch prices start at £15,905.

MINI 5-Door Hatch

New MINI 48 Hour Test Drive for 2018 Image 8

The MINI 5-Door Hatch – like the 3-Door – has features to help it excel in town. Parking sensors to make it easy to manoeuvre, for instance. However, the additional rear doors, headroom and legroom make it easier for friends to share your adventures. Perhaps you love to browse fashionable high streets. Prices start from £16,605.

MINI Clubman

New MINI 48 Hour Test Drive for 2018 Image 2

The MINI Clubman’s purpose is to be practical, spacious, and stylish enough for family adventures. The 360-litre boot is among the features that guarantee success. There is lots of room for a picnic and sports equipment, for example. Fold the rear seats flat and capacity increases to 1,250-litres. Room for bicycles, perhaps?

Furthermore, it is distinguished from less fashionable competitors via the rear doors that open outward rather than a tailgate that opens upward. The doors are electric, too. If, therefore, your arms are full and you cannot reach the handles simply wave your foot under the rear bumper then the doors open. Prices start at £19,995.

MINI Countryman

New MINI 48 Hour Test Drive for 2018 Image 10

The MINI Countryman helps you explore rugged destinations beyond the reach of most vehicles. Trek through the great outdoors and become one with nature, in other words. Facilitating strengths include its all-wheel-drive and high ground clearance that make dirt tracks, uneven fields and other tricky terrains easy to manage.

Rugged styling confirms that this vehicle has an adventurous spirit. Note the plastic trim to protect the paint close to the wheel arches, for starters. It complements roof rails that support (say) a surfboard and all-wheel-drive badges on the doors. The overall style is muscular and assertive. Prices start from £23,345.


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