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New MINI Convertible goes electric for 2025

By Stephen Turvil | May 18, 2021


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We take a look at the rumour mill to see how the MINI Convertible will shape up

New MINI Convertible goes electric for 2025
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The new MINI Convertible will be powered by a clean, zero-emission, electric motor once the new version launches in 2025, the manufacturer confirmed. Good thing, too. MINI has to produce cleaner cars to comply with environmental legislation, please drivers who want to be eco-friendly, and be relevant in the future. 


The MINI Convertible’s specification has not been revealed, but there are rumours. It is likely to be smaller than the current version, for example. Despite this, it will probably inherit the four seats. It is also likely to have strengths typical of the brand such as fun styling, composed handling, and classless appeal.

It is also likely to have a black, fabric, electric roof rather than metal. Expect it to first open like a sunroof then fully retract. It will probably work while the car is stationary and at low speeds. The MINI Convertible is also expected to have a pleasing equipment specification for its class, era, and price tag. 

New MINI Convertible goes electric for 2025 Image

More information needed

These strengths are noteworthy but there is more to consider. Drivers want to know how far the car will travel per charge, how much power it will have, and how long it will take to fill the battery. Pity there are no such answers this far from launch. However, the manufacturer already sells a clean, zero-emission, fully electric hatchback and its specification might be indicative.

The MINI Electric Hatchback produces 184hp via its front-wheel-drive electric motor. That is quite a lot of power. The maximum range is 145 miles per charge which is plenty for the typical commute. However, as with any electric car the range is influenced by the weather conditions, what equipment is running, driving style, and various other factors. A stated maximum is only a guide. 

The MINI Electric can be charged in various ways and at various speeds. A standard plug socket is one option. It takes 12 hours to charge the battery from 0% to 80%. A wall box is faster, though. Expect 80% in about three hours. Faster still is a high-powered public charger that fills the battery from 0% to 80% in 36 minutes.

High expectations

The 2025 MINI Convertible with its electric motor will be an important car for the manufacturer when it launches. Expectations will be high as the current model with traditional engines is popular. It is the ‘best selling convertible in the United Kingdom’, MINI stated. It will be interesting to see its successor. 

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